Simeone’s son has attracted interest from Juventus and Sevilla

Simeone's son has attracted interest from Juventus and Sevilla

It seems that a fine season for the 26-year-old Giovanni Simeone could translate not only into a successful contract with Verona, but also a chance to prove himself at the top level. On 17 June, the Mastiffs announced a €10.5m buyout of El Cholito from Cagliari, who were relegated to Serie B last season. Verona have become an ironclad midfielder in Italy’s top flight in recent years, so a full-time move to the club can safely be described as progress for Simeone Junior, as previously his career, apart from Cagliari, included year-on-year feverish Genoa and Fiorentina.

However, a couple of weeks before his move to Verona and almost immediately afterwards, Giovanni’s persona was linked with big-name clubs Juventus and Sevilla. And last summer, Krasnodar and Zenit appeared on the radar with detailed transfer details, but in the end, according to media reports, the forward did not want to move to Russia. And if at the end of last season, in which Simeone scored 6 goals and made 2 assists, the interest of clubs of the level of Zenit (because there were also West Ham and Marseille) was justified, then at the end of last year the appearance of the top clubs near the name of the Argentine looks just as logical a development.

In the 2021/22 season, Giovanni played in 36 Serie A games, scored 17 goals and made 6 assists, nearly tripling his output and making solid progress in almost all statistical indicators. The previous best season for Jovi was 17/18 with Fiorentina – 41 games, 15 goals and 4 assists.

Cholito shared 4th place with Tammy Abraham (Roma) on the goal-scoring chart, but the Argentine scored all his goals from set-pieces while the Englishman converted 3 penalties. Simeone’s main strengths are finishing attacks, striking on goal and making a solid contribution to defence. He often shoots from difficult situations and has five more goals than the xG model gives him. Problems are often evident in ball control, poor offside awareness and occasional unnecessary fouls. That said, Giovanni often works on tackling for his position – the blood of the supporting midfielder makes itself felt. At the age of 26 he is at the peak of his career and despite his recent signing with Verona the transfer window or the next one is extremely high, El Cholito should ideally show at least the same results in the new season.


In early June, La Gazzetta dello Sport reported that the Argentine was claimed by the Turin club. At the time Simeone’s contract was still with Cagliari, and the source’s argument was that the Sardinians would have made concessions and agreed to sell the player for €15m due to relegation to the second division. In the end, Giovanni was picked up by Verona for 10.5 million.

Whether Juve remain interested in Simeone has not been reported by the media. The Turin side have Dusan Vlahovic and Moise Keane on loan from Everton until the summer of 2023, with Paulo Dibala and Alvaro Morata leaving the club. Peaky Giovanni would fit well in Allegri’s attack, but only as a rotational player, at least with Peaky Vlahovic and Keane.


Nervioni’s interest was reported by insider Nicolo Shira already after his move to Verona. According to the Italian, Sevilla have requested information on the forward. And to make his way into the club’s starting line-up clearly looks easier on paper. The Red-Whites’ top scorer, 25-year-old Rafa Mira, had 10 goals last season. Lucas Okampos has 6 goals and Erik Lamela 5, both wingers. The team sorely lacked a scoring centre-back, Sevilla are sixth in goals for the season (53). With a good assistant in the form of Ivan Rakitic, Giovanni will have more chances of successfully completing attacks than with Verona.


Simeone Jr. has shown his best career statistics in a typically contrived coaching team whose main concept is high personal pressure. And Giovanni, who inherited his father’s character, is like a fish in water with that style. Therefore, hypothetically, Cholito would look great at Atalanta, Borussia Dortmund or RB Leipzig if we talk about mandatory promotion.

However, the most likely development would be a full season at Verona, which should show whether Giovanni Pablo Simeone Baldini is capable of a consistently high level of play that would guarantee an invitation from the top clubs, one of which could show the most interest. And there have already been rumours, albeit from dubious sources.

Me at Atlético? That would be the best thing that could happen. I’ve never had the opportunity to play under my father. For me, as well as for him, Atletico is something special, it’s in our blood. But my father never spoke to me about it.

At the beginning of my career, my father’s name put pressure on me, but that’s all changed now. I am a striker and it is my business to score goals. I hope one day I will play under my father’s guidance. Maybe he will be in charge of the Argentina national team.