Soccer transfer history of the summer of 2022

Soccer transfer history of the summer of 2022

Robert Lewandowski

Leaving for sure. Most likely to Barcelona, but there were bureaucratic difficulties – the Catalans still find it difficult to register players. Yesterday it was reported that Pique, Alba and Busquets this time are against cutting their salaries to fit into the La Liga limits. Lewandowski wants exactly to Spain, although we remember the big deal to buy Chelsea – it is possible that the new American owners will think about signing one of the top forwards in the world. Yes, and Klopp, having lost Mane, may think about switching to a classic in the center of attack – with a heavy forward, like at Borussia D, where he already worked with Robert. The Pole won’t be out of work.

Paulo Dibala

One of the regiment with the understandable name “the new Maradona” has left Juventus. The decision is made, no longer will the Argentine with Polish roots play in a black and white uniform with the captain’s armband on his sleeve and throw the ball behind the neck of the goalkeeper, as Serie A stars of the 90s liked to do. Dibala is no longer a child, as he was at Palermo, but he has the Peter Pan syndrome. It takes the right coach for a player like that to grow up. Totti is persuaded to choose Roma while still with Mourinho, Conte with Tottenham and Inzaghi with Inter. Everyone should have problems like Dibala. And also MJ has surfaced, because Paulo has a good personal relationship with Ronaldo. True, Fernandes is unlikely to understand such a transfer.

Raheem Sterling

Sterling is routinely undervalued but the market considers the English winger one of the most expensive players on the planet. He is valued at 85m euros, but Raheem has a contract with Manchester City only until 2023. If Guardiola does not want to lose that money to the club’s owners, he should have an honest conversation with the player about whether he sees him in a solid base in the fall. There’s Marez, who is also being called up by various clubs, but Sterling at 27 is closer to changing teams. There was talk of Barcelona not having enough money, and there was also mention of Chelsea and Arsenal. We’ll see what they decide, but they absolutely will not line up the Citizens around Raheem. Neither will they build around Jesus, who is also leaving. If Raheem wants to be a leader, he needs to look for a new club.

Paul Pogba

This saga is so old, it’s getting a little tiresome to the venerable public. Pogba went to Real Madrid a hundred times, returned to Juventus, and his representatives were linked with Barcelona during the Bartomeu era. PSG also invited Paul. Each time another genius of soccer management – Ed Woodward, refused to give the Frenchman for big money. As a result, the world champion sat out his fabulous contract with MJ until the end, and now he will get both a raise and a huge salary at the new place. “The Devils are on the losing end – without a trip to the Champions League – and Juventus and PSG are wondering if they need such happiness as the unstable Paul.

Romelu Lukaku

Lukaku needs to go where the scheme and coach suits him. The banal option if Lautaro Martinez stays is Inter. Let the ultras write nasty comments and protest at first, Lukaku’s return could benefit the club from Milan in the Champions League and Serie A. It is also clear that Chelsea will have difficulty finding a buyer specifically, but renting Romelu would be an option for a number of clubs. “Barcelona has ticked off the name of the Belgian – if Lewandowski’s transfer fails, and Tottenham has turned on – Conte seems to be allowing Kane to leave for Ronaldo and Ten Hague at MJ.

Marcus Rashford

There is no question about Marcus as a volunteer – really helped feed hundreds of thousands of children from poor families in England. But his humanitarian initiatives don’t cancel out a lousy game of soccer. Rashford has finally slipped under Ragnick, with no goals since January. It’s sad to watch, because the forward is only 24 years old, young and talented. But it’s unlikely it will be easy for him to find a warm place in such a form. Marcus was once invited to Barcelona, but he’s obviously not cut out to be the new Henri. Rashford will have a hard time, his stock has dropped significantly, but it’s also a saga of a journey without a destination.

Sadio Mane

The Liverpool forward was asked at a press conference if he would leave Liverpool after nearly 70% of the Senegalese voted in favor of such a decision in some poll. Mane sarcastically replied that he would do the will of the people, and many didn’t realize he was joking. As a result, Sadio had to explain his words and apologize to the Liverpool fans. Of course he respects the Reds and Klopp, but he’s not comfortable in a team with Salah, with whom the relationship has never been friendly. Mane chose Bayern, but the Germans are in no hurry to spend money, so negotiations continue. In addition to the club from Munich, Mane was approached from Paris, but that is a strange option, hardly realistic. It’s like with Salah’s alleged move to La Liga – the Egyptian is more likely to pad his price so that Liverpool will give more money on a new contract for now.

Serge Gnabry

He played strong soccer – he scored a lot for Bayern and the German national team, won the Bundesliga and was often in the starting line-up. As a result, I heard that Nagelsmann calls for the longtime favorite Mane on the opposite flank and that Koman and Sane can play on the right. It is clear that Sadio also played in Liverpool this season in the center of the attack, so there are many options, also Muller extended his contract. But Gnabry only has a deal until 2023, and he will definitely ask Bayern for a lot of money. That’s what Tolisso already did and now he’s leaving. Serge is choosing a club in the APL – Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham could show interest.

Aurélien Tchouameni

“Liverpool and Real Madrid will be bidding, and a third party, PSG, will pile up the price in this auction. Tchouameni is familiar with Mbappe, so the Monaco midfielder will definitely talk to Kylian about his future. But if he wants to become, along with Camavanga, Valverde and Vinicius, part of a reborn and rejuvenated Real Madrid, he must convince the Monegasque owner to strike while the iron is hot. The Frenchman is only 22 years old and Real Madrid will have to pay about 70 million euros for his transfer. Ancelotti himself called – Aurélien should not be turned down, although he should tune in for substitute outings in his first season at Madrid.

Angel Di Maria

The special thing about this list is that no one needs to be introduced. Remind them what club they play for, what they are good for, and why we single them out. Di Maria saw that PSG were in no hurry to offer a new contract. The Argentine realized how the sheikhs treat him, decided that if that was the case – it was necessary to cut his ties. He helped the Parisian club well, he is one of the most important assistants not only now but also in soccer history. The statistics prove it. Di Maria has his own tempo of the game, his age affects it, so Juventus have taken a break in negotiations, clearly knocking down the price of a personal contract. But Angel is a free agent, so he will definitely find a big club. It’s too early for him in Miami. Mbappe declined a transfer, Holland has decided on his future ahead of time, but for many the summer will be decisive, the world will not be without new big sports deals.


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