Solo Sicoa vs. Grayson Waller

Solo Sicoa vs. Grayson Waller

Before the match, Grayson tried to read a promo about how everyone who supports Solo is a solo loser and he’s about to say everything he thinks of them, but Solo interrupted his speech and dragged his opponent into the ring.

The whole start of the match Solo dominates. Grayson tries to fight back but a headbutt to the corner of the ring by Solo doesn’t settle and simply fights his opponent off due to a net power advantage. During a Samoan dropkick attempt, Grayson takes a cushion off the corner of the ring, but Solo continues to dominate. However, a couple of punches to the bare feet of Solo, a Russian trip kick, Solo rolls out of the ring. Grayson speeds up and rolls out of the ring, but Solo dodges and punches Waller with an elbow. With that, we go to commercial, during which Grayson fights off Solo and dominates. On his way out of commercial, Grayson continues to dominate and even delivers a nice leg-lifting in the best tradition of Ron Killings. However, Grayson is distracted by the crowd and Solo takes the lead. Classic Samoan dominance begins, but Grayson rolls away from the crowning slash. Solo sprawls into the corner, which Grayson gets out of, but he just doesn’t have that very cushion on him. Grayson sprints into the ring and does a Crown Cutter, to three.

What was that loss to Solo for? He scored momentum, comedic Waller beat him cleanly after a string of losses, the end result is both out of the title race and without much of a fuse. Basically they either have each other to work with or it was a silly way to keep Sicoa out of the title race while Tony goes after him. But overall the match is very good. Rated a 7 for the match.

Next up we have a segment with the D’Angelo Family. Tony says there shouldn’t be any problems tonight, as the whole family is on Don’s side. Well, if Santos doesn’t help him take the title, he’s going to be very sorry. Santos replies that there’s no problem and that Tony will walk away with the title.