Swerve In Our Glory defeated Butcher and Blade

Swerve In Our Glory defeated Butcher and Blade aew

After the match, Team Taz came out. Hobbs says these two are getting pretty fed up with him. For some reason, they think they can keep coming into the ring and expressing their disrespect for him and his partner. Starks says he and Hobbs behaved well because he didn’t want to end Sverve and Lee’s careers. Yet they keep trying to hurt Team Taz, even though they are many levels below. Ricky is sick of seeing that, so he’s ready to kick their asses. And let them try to talk about who is the best team here….The AEW champions come out at this point. Matt points out that asking the Young Bucks to turn on the music in this way is very nice. He first thought about apologizing for interrupting the gentlemen’s conversation, but remembered that they have nothing to apologize for they created this company. Matt congratulated Lee and Sverve on a great match, noting that the team division is as charged as ever. However, let’s not forget who put the team league first.Nick notes that both teams are very good, and recalls their match at DoN. 4.5 stars, unbelievable! Really, for the Young Bucks to show that is to relax. And both teams didn’t reach their goal – the Jurassic Express won then. However, they lost the titles by losing to the Bucks.Matt decides to offer both teams a three-way match for the AEW titles next week: Team Taz vs Swerve In Our Glory vs The Young Bucks.

Promo from Dom Black. Malakai says he sees Mox and his decisions. And if he thinks he knows what pain, anger, and cruelty are, no, he doesn’t. However, this experience awaits him at the hands of Brody King. DOM is sure that this experience will be far more than the physical capacity can handle. And then Malakai will look at John again.

Tony Shavoni stands in the ring and is joined by Mad King. Tony notes that despite everything that happened last week, Kingston still has Jericho in his crosshairs. The latter, before getting to that topic, congratulates Wardlow on winning the title earlier, and also congratulates the entire team that won the Blood and Guts match, “even you, Claudio.” And now, Chris Jericho! Eddie says that Chris made him become a liar, because he didn’t see the Wizard’s blood. So Kingston promises another confrontation.Jericho interrupts his opponent from the titantron and asks for a chance to show how crazy he can be. The camera rolls back and we see Ruby Soho barely getting to her feet, after which Ty Conti pushes the car door into her hand. Chris warns Eddie to be careful, or a similar thing will happen to him already.

Dark Order enters the ring in full force, along with Brody Lee Jr. Silver begins by saying that Rodchester is Dark Order country. Evil Uno says that’s why they want to break some very important news, and they want everyone who has supported DO to hear it. And that’s why, Uno says, these six continue the work here. Dark Order is Forever. A new page of the story begins, and it begins with a proclamation, but Uno doesn’t think he’s the one to say it, and hands the microphone to Lee Jr.Here, QT Marshall immediately intervenes, who is not happy with what’s happening.He turns to Lee Jr, saying he understands – his father is from these parts. However, he is not his father. His father is a legend who beat QT in five minutes in his first match within these walls. Negative, however, is more like his mother. So Marshall, noting that he hasn’t called his friends, offers to face him like a man before he breaks into his nursery himself to rip the heads off every toy.At this point, Adam Page’s music suddenly plays, after which he and DO bury QT, and Lee Jr. says he’d love to hold Marshall down, but he sticks to his team.