Swerve Strickland defeated Jung Boy and Ricky Starks

Swerve Strickland defeated Jung Boy and Ricky Starks

After the match, there was a scuffle between the biggies of each team, from which Keith Lee emerged victorious

ATT is backstage, and Lambert tells them that the combined level of Sammy, Frankie, and Tye is very low, since they decided that by trashing TNT’s title they would get their match. Dan asks that they be told about the internet and that he has every title maker’s number since ATT wins every title in every martial arts event. And he’s already ordered a new belt for Skye. And so Friday night is going to be special for him, because he’s getting a custom-made belt, and he’s going to love it.

Author’s opinion: a promo that lets us know two things: 1. TNT Title will change the design, 2. Guevara and Co. and he’ll get trashed so he can definitely get his match against ATT.

Tony Chavoni addresses the audience from the ramp, reminding them about the AEW Women’s World Championship match and invites Thunder Rose over. When she comes out, Toni asks her about the challenge. She turns to face the camera, wanting to show her real face (no coloring) and says it’s the face of a man who worked long and hard to get what he has now. The face of a person who is happy to be an AEW champion. And Serena Deeb is not such a person, not a champion according to Rosa. She says that Serena constantly blames the people and companies around her for her failures, and maybe she should look at her reflection and blame herself for everything. On Sunday, Serena will not see that face because the warrior inside Rosa will take over and punish her for all the insults she has caused. Rosa promises to destroy her opponent for good.

Tony Chavoni manages to move backstage during the pause to interview Red Velvet about her defeat last week. Velvet says she should have gone on and met Ruby Soho in the semifinals. At this point Ruby breaks into this interview because she heard her name and she asks if Velvet has anything to say to her. She replies that everything she needs to know to beat Statelander is in this notebook, and hands it to Ruby, pointing out that her opponent has an obvious shoulder problem. She then leaves, and Tony asks Ruby what she thinks about it. And she replies that she’ll have to face a different Kris than the TBS title tournament, so she doesn’t need that notebook.


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