Taiji Ishimori vs. Alex Zane

Taiji Ishimori vs. Alex Zane

Zayn’s arm has been heavily bandaged since the match against SHO. Almost at the very start Alex took control, held the senton, and the action moved outside the ring, here Ishimori wanted to attack his vis-a-vis with a chair, but Zayn fought back and attacked the division champion with a chair himself. Seating him on that very piece of furniture, Alex sprawled… and Taiji slung him face-first into the chair (actually, Zane missed the chair, but that was the intent). Instantly, the Bone Soldier concentrated on his opponent’s injured arm, launching painful and other attacks. Zane didn’t give up, at one point conducting a lariat and then a crowning somersault legdrop to the back of his head. Ishimori kept coming back to the arm attacks, ripped the bandage off of it, sent Alex hard into the corner of the ring, from which the defense had been removed beforehand (at this point, apparently, Zane drove his face into the ropes mount and got a hard split).

The American’s facebuster bought him some time, but the Cinnamon Twist didn’t do the trick, and Taiji went for the YES! Lock, which Alex escaped from near the ropes. Cypher UTAKI to 2, and in the next episode Zayn had a hard knee to the head. Smelling blood, Zane tried a Taco Driver, but Ishimori reversed it into La Mistica, coming out for a Bone Lock. Alex tried to reach the ropes, but Taiji wouldn’t let him, and Zane gave up. In his post-fight promo, Ishimori said he’s fought a lot of guys, and he has to admit that Alex is a top performer. But in the champion’s opinion, Zane is a heavyweight, because he’s big. Yes, he moves like a welterweight, but his punches are too strong. Now Ishimori’s stats are 3-0. The tournament is just heating up, and it remains to be seen who will win. Fans can support whoever they want, but it’s Ishimori that’s worth watching. After all, he’s going to show us the power and greatness of the welterweight division.

Another very good match, a decent main event that pales in comparison to the pre-main event. It was between one of the biggest wrestlers (Zayn) and the second smallest, and admittedly, Ishimori showed that he’s perfectly capable of handling even those who are so much bigger than him. What’s more, he won, and that’s probably a predictable result. If only because Ishimori hardly needs a potential challenger in the form of Zane. At the end of the fifth day, there are only two Block A leaders: Hiromu and Taiji.


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