Tchouameni goes to Real Madrid

Tchouameni goes to Real Madrid

Aurélien Tchouameni made his dream come true

Unlike Kylian Mbappe, who dreamed so much of a move to Real Madrid that he turned down both 2017 and 2022, his compatriot Tchouameni proved to be a much more consistent guy. Today, Madrid put an end to the negotiations with Monaco, the transition of the midfielder is fully agreed, the official confirmation should appear soon.

“Real Madrid won the race for Tchouameni from Manchester United, Liverpool and Paris Saint-Germain. David Ornstein of The Athletic stresses that it was Aurélien himself, who from the first and until the last day insisted on a move to Madrid, despite more favorable financial offers for Monaco and the player himself, who won the transfer brawl. At least PSG, if you believe the insiders, to the last minute tried to derail the deal, but Tchouameni remained faithful to his dream.

The same omniscient Ornstein reports that the total amount of the deal will be 100 million euros, and Fabrizio Romano specifies: 80 million euros Real Madrid will give immediately, and another 20 are assumed as bonuses for successful performances. Tchouameni’s contract will run until 2027, the clauses are not reported, but knowing Florentino Perez’s anxious attitude to contracts with young stars, it’s probably an astronomical sum of 750 million or even a billion euros, as in the new agreement of Vinicius.

It is possible that Tchouameni’s transfer to Madrid was paid for by PSG and Mbappe

Don’t rush to close the article and shout the sacramental, “Come on, that’s bullshit!” After Kylian Mbappe refused to move to Real Madrid and decided to extend his agreement with PSG in the general flow of details and comments drowned the news that Mbappe was left in debt to Real Madrid 100 million euros for not fulfilling the main condition of the contract of intent or preliminary agreement, under which he promised to sign a contract with the club.

In fact, it’s hard to believe that such a hardened soccer businessman as Florentino Perez was tricked for free. Back in 2000, Don Flo brought Figo to Real Madrid from Barcelona, concluding an agreement with the Portuguese whereby Luiz was obliged to sign a contract with Real Madrid if Perez won the presidential election. Otherwise Figo had to pay a hefty fine and Barça were left out of the deal because Perez had paid the clause.

Has the functionary who masterminded such deals in 2000 finally lost his nerve 22 years later and took the word of Kilian and his conniving mother? It was quite reasonable to record the mutual intentions with Mbappe on a paper, the contents of which the parties have no right to disclose. But all secrets are revealed, and clever insiders claim that Mbappe has to pay 100 million euros for refusing the deal to Real Madrid. Not from his own pocket, of course, but from the accounts of PSG paying for the whole party.

So, Spanish journalist Ramon Alvarez De Mon claims that on June 1, a transfer of 100 million euros was made through the Spanish banking conglomerate Bankia. The payment was made by Qatar Sports Investments. Remember the words of PSG president Al-Khelaifi, who said that in the person of Mbappe the club signed a newcomer and not just extended the contract of his player, because the forward was a free agent since January. Perhaps there’s something to that. It’s funny if PSG paid Real Madrid for Mbappe and thereby financed the transfer to Madrid of Aurélien Tchouameni, who the Parisians also had their sights on.

“The best young supporting midfielder on the planet.”

Journalists and fans love to label players, compare them to established stars or name them the best in a particular category. Tchouameni is known in France as one of the strongest young holding midfielders on the planet, and that’s not to say it’s entirely without merit. Aurélien debuted in professional soccer at 18, then he played for Bordeaux, and on his 20th birthday Tchouameni received a gift transfer to Monaco, who paid 18 million euros for him. The transfer was announced two days after the player’s anniversary.

At Monaco, Aurélien began to develop by leaps and bounds, currently under the belt of 22-year-old midfielder two seasons as a player in the starting lineup of the Monegasque. Last fall Tchouameni debuted in the first team of France, for which he has already managed to hold 9 matches and even scored a goal to Cote d’Ivoire. Didier Deschamps is releasing Aurélien in the starting line-up in June matches of the Nations League, so the other day the Real Madrid newcomer managed to play together with Benzema and against Modric, who among other things must have discussed their new team-mate in the conversation without ties and shirts after the match Croatia – France.

Last season in Ligue 1, Tchouameni was the best player in the league in terms of interceptions (2.9 on average per game), one of the top 10 players in the French championship in terms of tackling (2.5) and pressing efficiency. In the course of last season it was repeatedly noted that in an interesting and motley set of midfielders of Real Madrid there is no second Casemiro, a true destroyer, capable to cover the supporting zone. Now there is.

Real Madrid’s midfield is fully staffed. The transfer campaign continues.

Following the defense, which was joined by Antonio Rüdiger, Real Madrid have spot-strengthened the midfield. And while the defense may still have a flank newcomer, the midfield after the transfer of Tchouameni is 100% manned. “The Holy Three” are preparing to spend their last season with a full squad, and with such young and hot competitors in the form of Valverde, Camavig and Tchouameni, the experienced Casemiro, Modrich and Kroos will probably have more rest and pass things on to their successors. Let’s not forget about Seballos, who turned his opinion on himself in the second half of the season and may well stay at Real Madrid at the request of Ancelotti and teammates.

The summer has just begun, and Madrid have already made two powerful transfers, spot-strengthening strategically important positions along the central axis. It remains to be seen whether Florentino Perez is going to sign a newcomer to the attack after the rejection of Mbappe, and if so, at what rank and at what position. It could be a flank player to increase competition with Vinicius and Rodrigo (Gnabry or Sterling), or it could be a young replacement for Karim Benzema (there are rumors about Gabriel Jesus). It’s not like Real Madrid are done with meaningful transfers after signing Rüdiger and Tchouameni. Someone else will be.


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