Ten Hague buys players for himself, not for Manchester United

Ten Hague buys players for himself, not for Manchester United

Two of the newcomers are defenders. Today’s recruit, Lisandro Martinez, has played in a variety of positions, including in the defensive zone. But more often Erik used the Argentine left-hander from Ajax in the center of defense. Maguire, whom the coach did not deprive of the captain’s armband, played more often as a left central defender. So the €67 million signing, along with bonuses, raises a number of questions. Not only because Ajax only found a player for 7 million.

We’ve all seen that before. Van Gaal actively strengthened the squad, but didn’t think about how specific players would fit in at a MU that hasn’t yet emerged from Sir Alex Ferguson’s championship shadow. Louis didn’t make Marcial the new Henri, although Anthony didn’t come in as a forward but as a left winger. Blind is not the new Vidić, and Daly is correct to mention, because Martínez is also a low central defender who reads the game and adores a high defensive line.

Di Maria, Falcao or Schweinsteiger did not make MJ a champion, nor did Depay. As is customary, Dutch coaches drag in the familiar, but the tactic doesn’t always work. What’s good for Ajax is death for the Devils? Speaking of Van Gaal. The Dutch national team mentor seems to have thwarted Timber’s move. Ten Hag initially tried to lure to the team exactly the Dutch defender, who is also outside the box, but better suited to the style of the APL.

But Louis reminded Timber that without regular playing practice he would be without a World Cup. And with Van Dijk and De Ligt in competition, the 21-year-old defender’s decision is understandable. So is Lisandro Martinez’s interest in the APL. He was called up by Arsenal, but the Argentine chose a familiar coach. Erik also signed Malacia from Feyenoord. Tiny works on the left flank, will prevent Shaw from playing on the left as often as Dalot will work on the right in conjunction with Sancho.

Martinez will be a standout at MJ

The undersized central defender can stick in the APL, but more often than not, huge guys are chopped up there. Lisandro is only 24, has little international experience – formally won the America’s Cup while sitting on the bench. Otamendi, who used to play for Manchester City, played at the base. The players can be compared, but Lisandro more often compensates for the lack of physicality with soccer intelligence, while Nicholas chose aggressiveness.

It’s hard to say where Ten Hague sees a guy at 175 centimeters tall. Would MJ fans be happy if Lisandro put Maguire on the bench? Then Eric will scrap the Englishman, hard to believe. Also, opponents will realize that the left of center in De Hea’s defense are too small guys, Malacia is under 170 centimeters at all. In the APL, where enough people can read the game as well as Martinez, Lysandro and Tyrell will have problems in a low and tight line.

Martinez himself is a gorgeous player. Unusual central defender works the ball perfectly. Makes decisions like Lymer, who was also interested in Manchester City. But Pogba hasn’t proven himself at United and Paul is much easier to integrate into the scheme than Lisandro or Conrad. The hope is for ten Hague’s coaching skills, but he needs to bench people who have been at the club for a long time – Maguire, Shaw, Fred, McTominay and even Ronaldo – for a change.

Eriksen has no place in a solid base

It’s clear why Christian chose MJ. The Dane met ten Hague while keeping fit at the Ajax camp. Eriksen would strengthen the middle of the pitch of almost any club in the APL, he is a self-contained player. Such masters make goals out of nothing. But remember how difficult it was for the Dane in Conte’s schemes at Inter. Far from immediately proved his usefulness, he did not lead the game from the first match. At Brentford he was in charge in terms of class, it’s different at UEFA.

Eriksen is in part a duplicate of Bruno. It’s hard to imagine a situation where ten Hague spits on the advantage of Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City, stubbornly turning the center of the pitch at MJ into a branch of Ajax. Lysandro Martinez, with his risky actions and interceptions, can be placed in the supporting area. Add the immature Eriksen and the central midfield trio with Bruno. But can such a squad withstand the pressure, especially if Sancho and Ronaldo don’t plough in the pressing?

And don’t look at the friendlies. Their results don’t matter at all. Klopp rightly resented that Nunez was “diagnosed” on a couple of misses in an ordinary friendly. So ten Hague’s debut sparring won’t tell us anything about MJ. Neither will the first official games. Sulscher could also set the team up for one good match. If we’re talking about the game against Leeds, for example, in which Pogba provided four goal assists.

Still lacking a forward

Ronaldo long ago learned how to jump out to a series of goals against another mid-table side, but it is the Portuguese who is ten Hague’s problem. Perhaps Manchester United will be even more interesting without Cristiano. Or rather, without the veteran and with a new center forward. And such a person will not appear in the application, while there remains the Portuguese, who missed training and did not fly to the training camp, because he is unsuccessfully looking for a new team. One club after another is turning down Ronaldo. Even the Saudi Arabian princes have said they have not offered the Portuguese legend insane money.

And Manchester United is waiting for newcomers. The coach convinces de Jong. But Frankie, like De Ligt, wants to go to Bayern, because there are much closer to the trophies. But not a word about the central striker, and it is alarming. Ronaldo could play at left center instead of Rashford, with Sancho in his usual position. Also, De Jong and Martinez are capable of supporting Fernandes in the center. This lineup, if Varan and Maguire (or Lindelef) don’t freak out like they did last season, would be more interesting than selecting Sulsher and Rangnick. Ten Hague is closer to good soccer with MJ, since it couldn’t get any worse.

But the players have started to turn down offers to play in the Europa League. The logical outcome of the team’s performances. While ten Hague has brought in two guys from the Eredivisie due to connections, but de Jong has had second thoughts, and Ronaldo is still looking for a way out of MJ. The situation is not pleasant. Without Cristiano we urgently need to buy a striker, because to put on Marcial and Raefschord as base forwards is quite strange. They got two defenders, both atypical, for risky high soccer. Recruiting people in different areas, even though MJ still doesn’t have a high quality full-back and center-forward.

Are they putting their pants over their heads, or are there major trades ahead? Eriksen, Malacia, Lysandro and De Jong are guys of the Dutch school. Tried to get them into the MJ core and it didn’t work. It’s surprising that ten Hague is so confident that his style is more powerful than the evil rock that haunts the Red Devils. We note the courage of the mentor, but we don’t see support from the club’s athletic director. At least in terms of the timely sale of Ronaldo, since he wants to play in the Champions League.