Ten Hague could ruin the atmosphere in Manchester United’s locker room

Ten Hague could ruin the atmosphere in Manchester United's locker room

“Manchester United in the period after Ferguson resembles Spartak after Romantsev. The same constant hopes of revival, and later suffering from unfulfilled expectations. The new cycle of the Reds is on (and both) – the English outfit are preparing for the new season under the leadership of Dutchman Erik ten Hag. Changes have already begun in the squad, which should allow them to reach the next level, but there are pitfalls.

In transfers decided to rely on players from the Netherlands

There is a change of vector in the club’s transfer policy. The MJ bosses have apparently decided to trust the new mentor and have turned their attention to the Eredivisie market. The Mancunians already have Donny van de Beek in their squad. The midfielder did not work out with the previous managers, he went to Everton on loan in the winter and it was even reported that now he is not burning with the desire to return. However, with the arrival of ten Hague the attitude should change – the player is familiar with him from Ajax, where he showed the best game. Eric, according to different sources, had a meeting with van de Beek and assured him that he counts on him

United have also signed Amsterdam player Lisandro Martinez in the center of defence. The Dutch coach has a choice between Lisandro, Maguire, Lindelef and Varan.

Another Dutch native is Tyrell Malacia, who plays left-back. MJ has Luke Shaw, Alex Telles and Brandon Williams in that position.

Christian Eriksen is very familiar with those realities – but it’s no longer certain that he can pull off energy-consuming soccer in England.

While on paper, a complete squad with rotation players looms. There are a few more players who could strengthen the Mancunians. What’s interesting is that a possible move to United is being talked about for players who are also familiar with ten Hague.

Rumors of players on the way

The loudest talk about the potential tandem of MJ – de Jong. Despite the fact that the deal was called almost closed almost a month ago, it is the contract negotiation part of the deal that is causing significant difficulties for the player. The midfielder is not attracted by the prospect of losing the opportunity to participate in the Champions League, in addition, he does not want to live in Manchester City. Signing him would be a big plus for the Devils. Frankie would surely become a style-maker for the Mancunians under ten Hague. Yet it’s hard to believe the player would agree to a move.

Another potential reinforcement is right-back Sergio Deste. Also from Barcelona and also an ex-player at Ajax who has worked with Eric. Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Diogo Dalot play on the right flank in Manchester.

The incidents and potential acquisitions show that the Dutch manager is adjusting the team to himself. But you can’t blame him for such actions – it’s a natural process that took place at both Guardiola’s City and Klopp’s Liverpool. Another thing is that United are already a powder keg with Ronaldo and his opponents, there was a toxic asset – Paul Pogba. If you make lineup changes too drastically, a division into locker room camps is inevitable.

About the toxicity of the atmosphere

It was the ideological divide that often prevented MJ from succeeding. Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s hard work at the club has solved that problem. Under the Norwegian, Anthony Marcial, Marcus Rashford, Mason Greenwood and Paul Pogba all had their best seasons. The Mancunians themselves managed to take third and then second place in the English Premier League (albeit not without luck).

But now the problems are back. Harry Maguire, the team captain, is not happy about the return of Ronaldo, which undermines his credibility. On top of that he has to worry about a place in the starting line-up – the arrival of Lissandro Martinez also plays at left-back.

Ronaldo himself still harbors hopes of leaving Manchester City, as he does not believe in the project without the signing of several more players. The situation with the figure of the center-forward is becoming unclear – in case the Portuguese leaves, we will have to play Marcial alone, and he has long lost his former form.

Another scandalous case is the uncertainty with the main goalkeeper. Gunnar tried to find a balance between Dean Henderson and David De Hea, but could not decide to opt for one of them. The young Dean is already ready to take on a defining role and, according to him, has turned down offers from other clubs for MJ. The Spaniard, on the other hand, has been stagnant in quality of play for more than a year, but is committed to the English grande. A difficult but fair decision was called for in favor of the Englishman. Although they could not agree to part with David – they once again loaned Henderson out this summer.

But relations have already deteriorated, with Henderson himself expressing his disappointment with United’s policy:

“They told me after the Euros that I would be number one at United, but they didn’t carry it out. It was a disappointment because last summer I turned down several rentals and the club didn’t want to let me go either. To sit on the bench for a year is a crime at my age. I told the Manchester United management that I needed to play soccer and to let me go.

For now, it all comes down to the fact that it is from the microclimate of ten Hague that we will have to start building a new team. A balance will need to be found between far-reaching rebuilding and the result here and now. If the Dutchman decides to depart from what was built before him, the recovery process will be much longer and more difficult – and that is exactly the time the MJ bosses may not give him, after all the rebuilding of the Devils managers have been engaged in almost 10 years as it were.