The best transfers of the season in the APL

The best transfers of the season in the APL

Boring uncles with charts claim that the APL is the toughest league. Let’s not argue, it’s clear without the numbers. In that case, transfers have a critical impact on the outcome. Had Grealish been as magical at playing soccer in a Manchester City jersey as he was at celebrating the championship, Guardiola could have won the trophy sooner. And without Luis Diaz, Liverpool risked falling behind the Citizens, and everyone would have been deprived of a mad dash in the last round. One man can change the course of history for the better, so praising successful transfers in soccer is a good thing.

Philippe Coutinho (Aston Villa)

It reminds me of when I was a girl. Coutinho returned to the APL, where he shone before moving to Barcelona. You can’t win the Champions League with Aston Villa like you can with Bayern. But with Gerrard, the Brazilian could get regular playing practice ahead of the 2022 World Cup. Coutinho has helped an unstable team, scoring five goals and providing three assists. The successful start was not backed up by a phenomenal continuation, but he reminded himself in a short time. Could sign a permanent contract with the club from Birmingham. Additionally note that for Aston Villa, the Brazilian is ready to receive 70% less money than at Barcelona.

Martin Edegaard (Arsenal)

Ramsdale’s goalkeeper has “dragged” in individual matches, so you can write his transfer as a good one, especially if the goalkeeper minimizes mistakes. But when looking for a rookie who added to Arsenal’s team strength, we come up with the Norwegian from Real Madrid. He joined Madrid as a young lad but failed to establish himself. But he switched to Arteta for 35m euros and after 36 rounds of the AFL only Sack has more reasons to consider himself the main hero of the Canaries than Martin. Goals, clever assists – the Norwegian has come in handy. If he develops the success, Arsenal got a leader who is only 23 years old.

Jose Sa (Wolverhampton)

Although it is difficult to collect as many dry runs as Liverpool’s base in the Wolverhampton squad, we can add another important characteristic for the goalkeeper when analyzing this rookie’s game: save percentage. Jose Sa was a worthy substitute for Ruiu Patricio, who saved Mourinho’s historic Conference League final yesterday. Jose Sa has always been rated much lower than his star counterpart, but at Olympiacos he has taken shape, and in the APL he has proven his class. The red-bearded goalkeeper is one of the pleasant discoveries of last season.

Bruno Guimaraes (Newcastle)

Bruno seems to be the wise symbol of a new era in the forty’s history. The Saudi princes will try to add stars to the squad next summer, but for now the former Lyon midfielder has been directing the game. Guimaraes along with Trippier came to a team that could have been relegated. Kieran could not stay in the lineup for long – he broke the fifth metatarsal bone of his foot, but Bruno scored goals, handed out incredibly accurate passes and established himself as the new leader. Not the only one new coach Howe can rely on, but one of the brightest.

Craig Dawson (West Ham)

For two million pounds – Pogba is paid that much for a month and a half of training – West Ham have a strong central defender. If at the end of the first round many praised Zouma, after the cat video Kurt’s shares fell. But Dawson, at the age of thirty-two, got a full contract after a loan at the London club. Of course, this rookie, known for his performances in the WBA, does not shine an invitation to the England team. Also, there is no chance to go to Chelsea or MJ. But he certainly earned his place at a club that is not fighting for survival like Watford.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)

In the middle of the list. There will be people among the MJ fans and experts who will include Ronaldo in the list of the most dangerous transfers. But he scored the most in the team in the APL – 18 goals and also added three assists. Not bad for the 37-year-old footballer. At the same time, the Portuguese receives £510,000 per week for his services, and his presence has a significant impact on the game. Sulsher was sacked, Rangnick failed, Ronaldo will play in the Europa League if he stays at MJ. However, the club has much bigger problems than Cristiano.

Conor Gallagher (Crystal Palace)

Vieira beat Manchester United in the final round in the old memory, but won a place in the sun for the Eagles much earlier. “Crystal Palace gave away three decent stretches of the season, and Conor Gallagher scored 8 goals and made 3 assists. He also noticed Zaha, understood his partners in the middle of the field and turned the English discussion around as the season progressed. Should Chelsea look for a place in the base for Conor? Gallagher is tired of the Champions League, where he used to gain experience, and has outgrown the mid-table level of the APL. Now it’s time for Tuchel to make a decision. Either trust the midfielder or let him go so the talent doesn’t fade.

Dejan Kulusevski (Tottenham)

Perhaps it’s a bit high to send the Swede after only eighteen games in the APL? But five goals and eight assists are as much in his favor as clever passes during Tottenham’s difficult matches. In addition, if Ronaldo’s goal-scoring performance kept Manchester United out of the Champions League, then Dejan has made up for the flaws in Spurs’ game on the spot. Son and Kane played with him instantly. Conte got him and Bentancourt and, with the Juventus duo, a ticket to a prestigious European competition. Kulusevski has justified his loan, all that remains is to try to buy out his contract in full.

Luis Diaz (Liverpool)

Quick, technical and explosive. One of the reasons why Mane could leave for Real Madrid. Luis Diaz switched to the bench at once, fitting in organically. It was an expensive deal – over forty million pounds – but it was a good one. The attacking midfielder and winger scored four goals and gave three assists in 13 games. Luis Diaz has fit into a team game where the emphasis is clearly on the flanks, but the player of his position is allowed to shift to the center, as Mane and Salah did for years. Now both familiar leaders will decide whether to stay for next year, and Diaz has no doubt – he drew the lucky ticket.

Christian Eriksen (Brentford)

The Dane was saved by doctors to the delight of the good people and the world soccer community. The reasons for unconsciousness and cardiac arrest at UEFA EURO 2020 were not clear, but the doctors allowed Eriksen to return to the field. Judging by his form at the modest Brentford club, Eriksen is back to the same Christian he used to be after his clinical death. The Danish veteran gave 4 goal assists in 11 games, scored his first goal since returning to the APL, and became one of the leaders of the new club. For such a modestly-spent team, both the game and the results, an away defeat to Chelsea, are simply superb.


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