The Dortmund Bumblebees have agreed on a record transfer

The Dortmund Bumblebees have agreed on a record transfer

The ten most expensive transfers in the history of St. Petersburg cost the club a solid 275 million euros. “Borussia Dortmund paid only 12 million more for their record-breaking newcomers. At the same time Hulk, Danny, Bruno Alves and the rest of the Russian club’s top ten went for a decent 140 million euros, and Dortmund received the same amount for one player – Ousmane Dembele. There were also sales of Sancho for 85 million euros, Pulisic for 64 million, Aubameyang for 63.75 million, Holand for 60 million euros and Mkhitaryan for 42 million.

“Borussia Dortmund did not overpay for these players, but even with the transfer of Abdou Diallo they managed not to miss out, as they took him from Mainz for an impressive 28 million euros and gave him to PSG for 32 million. For Zork and Watzke EUR 30 million for a player is a lot of money, they often buy cautiously, looking at the age of the player, seeing what clubs could use him in the future. The Bumblebees still have Amoroso in the top ten of the most expensive newcomers, and the Brazilian forward came from Parma in 2001 on the eve of the championship with Koller, Rosicky and Rikken.

When they sign Allaire for 35 million euros, Marcio will move up to eleventh place, and the Ivorian will repeat Ousmane Dembele’s record. Sébastien scored 34 goals and made nine assists in 42 games this season for Ajax. The forward made his debut in the Champions League – 11 goals in eight games, more than only Lewandowski and Benzema. At Ajax Sebastien won the Dutch championship. Aller is 28 years old, but his age is not critical. Lewandowski at 33 consistently pleased with goals in the Bundesliga, and Aller still has the experience of playing in Germany, because he played for Eintracht.

Putting together a collection of forwards instead of Holand

Watzke understood that Erling would leave. It was thought to go to Real Madrid or Barcelona, but then plans changed. The Norwegian’s insidious deal with Manchester City includes a reassurance for the striker. The option to buy the forward’s contract for 150 million euros is activated in 2024, so Perez is already on a low start, planning a treacherous comeback, wants to get the young striker. The president of the “Slivos” was disappointed in Mbappe, but Hollande could be a replacement for Benzema, who has aged by then. Kudos to the late Raiola, putting his clients in direct hands. The Norwegian was not locked in the golden cage of the sheiks this summer, will be able to manage his own career after two seasons.

“Borussia Dortmund also did not have enough nerve to get such an interesting player, because they overpaid the player’s father, but for the transfer Holand himself gave only 30 million euros to Salzburg, allowing him to leave for 60 million. We got both goals and money. But since Erling left for Guardiola, Borussia Dortmund need new strikers. Last season they signed the young Dutchman Malen for 30 million euros. He didn’t play terribly, he scored, but got injured at the beginning of April. Doniell can play on the flank, or in the position of the insider, his place in the center of the attack is claimed by Aller absolutely.

Also, Dortmund were not stingy when they signed another player from Salzburg after Holand, Adeyemi. Karim politely trolls Bayern, which did not believe in him in his youth – the Borussia newcomer was born in Munich and spent a couple of years at the champions’ academy. Then he went to Austria, played, collected a collection of goals, and is now Germany’s most interesting central striker. Flick could use Adeyemi at the base of the national team at the 2022 World Cup if Karim proves himself in Borussia Dortmund’s starting lineup. The €30 million rookie is valued slightly higher by the market, he has a five-year contract, could double in value, as the lad is only 20 years old.

Building a club strategy more cunning than Bayern

It’s easier for Munich, because there is even more money, the status is even higher, it’s easier to lure cool players because of the titles. When Klopp made Borussia first in Germany, he didn’t have the same margin of safety. Hummels, Goetze, and Lewandowski all chose Munich. But Borussia Dortmund also knows how to look for players in the Bundesliga. They took German national team player Schlotterbeck from Freiburg, signed Kobel from Stuttgart last season, and Torgan Azar came from Borussia Mönchengladbach. Not all of Watzke’s and Zork’s transfers are successful, but Dortmund don’t overpay and take big risks like the same Münchengladbach. The failures of Schürrle, Goetze or Alcacer have not destroyed the financial foundation.

Dortmund always have a couple of men in the lineup that will save the financial year. And Bayern, when money is tight, as it is now after the pandemic, usually has few good options. Selling Kimmich for 80 million euros is to lose a player as valuable as Kroos, who was once let go and regretted, because Toni became a legend at Real Madrid. Munich has Davis, Gnabry and Musiala, but no reputation as a club that knows how to sell players at a profit. Even Lewandowski’s decision to leave triggered a conflict, not a financially profitable goodbye. Bayern has the wrong reputation, Douglas Costa’s move to Juventus is a record, and there only 40 million euros.

Funny, but second on the list of expensive partings is Hummels, who was returned by Borussia Dortmund. Kroos and Hargreaves are in the top five. But those are things of the bygone days. And Borussia, when they need to supplement the club’s budget, will show the buyers the contract of young Bellingham – the Englishman can be sent to the APL or Real Madrid for 80-100 million euros. Reina could also rise in value, as the son of “Captain America” is only 19 years old. Yussufa Mukoko is a bit lost as he has caught a couple of injuries, but he is only seventeen years old, the striker went to Borussia Dortmund for free. If they can extend the contract for a long time, then in the future they will get some decent money after the transfer of the Cameroonian German.

There are professionals sitting in Dortmund, and while everyone is not without sin, these ones are lurking and waiting for the right moment to storm to the top of the table. The choice of coach is a bit surprising – they brought back Edin Terzic, who does not yet look like a new Klopp or Tuchel. But once Bayern falters, it will be Tedesco’s Leipzig and Borussia with Royce, Bellingham, Süle, Hummels and Aller who will be first in line for the silverware. Munich is confident of an eleventh consecutive title, but there are no eternal champions, even if the favorite makes smart transfers like Bayern.


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