The future coach of MJ, a replacement for Wenger and a winner of the Champions League. Famous coaches share a common teacher

“Benfica passed Ajax, as everyone inside the Dutch club had his own thoughts. Overmars and Bogarde dreamed of young women unavailable to them, the players dreamed of offers from other teams. And mentor ten Hague is looking for a path to Manchester United, because he is actively studying English. He has already been interviewed by Rangnick and plans to remain a favorite, although the Red Devils have not yet made a final decision about the mentor.

The future coach of Manchester United

However, Ajax’s results have determined Erik’s place in the global coaching hierarchy. Ten Hague is one of the best mentors in Europe. He is only fifty-two years old, he is a former footballer. For ten years he worked with the youngsters and as an assistant head coach in the first team. Then he tried a central role, took the second league club to the top society. And a year later found himself as mentor of the second team at Bayern. It was during the time of Guardiola in Munich, so the mentors communicated closely with each other.

Zummer invited the Dutchman to Germany, but Josep liked the meticulousness of the second-team coach who attended almost all the trainings of the first team. From Germany Eric returned with knowledge, became the director and coach of Utrecht at the same time. And everyone knows what happened next. He was invited to Ajax, won two league titles, reached the semifinals of the Champions League. Now for the third time he will be first in the championship of the Netherlands. The departure from the Champions League hit the team, this was not expected, but will be angrier in the fight for the trophy at home.

Tuchel is a big fan of Josep

Many people learned soccer when they followed Barcelona in their golden days. But Guardiola himself described Thomas as one of the few mentors he himself learns from. And in the days of Mainz’s games against Bayern Munich, it was Tuchel who learned from Josep. And do not think that they saw each other only when they played together. The wily Thomas talked a lot with Guardiola, they met several times and discussed soccer for hours. Josep immediately realized that Tuchel was as obsessed with the game as the Spaniard himself.

There are fewer “freaks” who can spend hours watching soccer, studying analytical charts and delving into every detail, even among head coaches, than many think. Everyone has a different approach, and Tuchel and Guardiola respect each other, with the German also learning from the Spaniard throughout a serious part of his career. Now, after the Champions League final, where the absentee pupil beat his teacher, their confrontation is even more interesting. Josep scored two 1-0 victories in the APL, but that’s just the beginning.

It’s clear that Chelsea’s huge problems could ruin Tuchel’s career as coach of the London club. Obviously, Lukaku is not the only one who can leave Abramovich’s former club. But, in any case, the love of soccer Guardiola, which Thomas allowed himself to play in Dortmund, but does not practice it to the comma in London, will remain. Tuchel has proven over the last year that he too is an elite mentor. He may be an “absentee”, but he is the most successful of all those who have asked Guardiola how to play soccer.

Arteta was the Spaniard’s right-hand man.

Mikel first met Josep when they both played for Barcelona. Arteta was only fifteen years old and had just arrived from San Sebastian to Barcelona. Guardiola was a star back then, a player for the Spanish national team. And although Arteta did not get a foothold in the first team, they crossed paths and had a good relationship. Years later, Mikel ended up on Josep’s staff in Manchester City. Recently, Guardiola stressed that he loves Arteta like a little brother.

Let’s not forget about Tito Vilanova, another pupil of Josep. While not everything has worked out for him at Barcelona since Guardiola, it has also been hampered by a fatal illness. The former assistant of the famous coach died eight years ago, and could still lead various clubs, because he was a faithful pupil of the Catalan “physicalist”, who has beaten many in his career, and inspires the best.

It is clear that Arteta will not be the last person to learn from Guardiola, and whom Josep impressed with his approach. But Mikel was one of the people closest to Josep. The former Arsenal player and current coach of a young and perky team risked leaving the easier job as an assistant in Manchester and took the difficult plunge at Lononon. As long as things work out, the Canaries could be fourth in the APL at the end of the season.

Xavi is happy to be compared to Guardiola

Hernandez is quite direct, sharp and defiant. After his return to Barcelona, he was proud to be compared to Josep. At the same time, he noted that such parallels put pressure. In the past, the young Guardiola was viewed cautiously as head coach of the Blaugranas – a mentor without experience, but with a crazy idea of controlling the ball as the key to success. The trophies and victories have proved the Spaniard right.

Xavi will be more difficult, because he does not have a young Messi and a whole set of great champions. But he himself is one of them, so he will certainly squeeze the maximum out of the youth and veterans. You can not overestimate one impressive defeat of Real Madrid, although against Atletico Javi’s coach had a great part of the match. And Simeone himself played against him. No one ever wins all the time. Not every great coach can have students.

But if you remember the history of soccer, Rinus gave birth to Johan, if the monster Cruyff can be fit into the framework of the usual “fathers” and “children” relationship at all, but Johan definitely Josep, because Guardiola himself more than once gave credit to the Barcelona school, for which he himself played. Who in this chain of “orange orange” with “blue-granata” packaging will follow next? We will be watching closely, because Xavi needs trophies and stability, although he certainly has the talent.

“Barcelona was lucky not to have found a new Koeman, and had the flair to trust not his own Sulscher, but rather his personal Zidane. The success of coaches of this format is tied to morale and personal authority, but if you look at the list of represented mentors, you see the main thing – they are all different. Guardiola is inspiring because he doesn’t rivet his clones, but explains soccer in a way that a young coach will be able to love it in his own way.