The hunt is open not only for Mbappe and Hollande. Helping Real Madrid spend 300 million euros

The hunt is open not only for Mbappe and Hollande

Real Madrid has a reputation for being a generous and not always calculating buyer, but Florentino Perez has not been crazy about the market in a long time. “Real invested 350 million euros in the lineup in the summer of 2019, big spending was a reaction to a failed 2018/19 season, and Zinedine Zidane, back on the coaching bridge, was given the royal powers at the club, which he did not manage quite effectively. The Frenchman’s main bet was a failure: Zizou admired the talent of Eden Hazard, who on closer inspection turned out to be a footballer with a strange mentality and a hamburger behind his back. Jovic also failed to become a credible alternative to Benzema, and as a result Real Madrid’s attacking development turned into a degradation.

Férlando Mendy was the quickest of that batch of newcomers to justify his acquisition, with young central defender Eder Militao needing time to assert his strong qualities. The young Rodrigo immediately became a rotation player, but over the next three years he failed to increase his value to the team. And this despite the fact that Real Madrid canned their squad for three years. The only newcomer acquired for money during this period was Eduardo Camavanga, bought last summer from Rennes for 31 million euros. David Alaba transferred from Bayern on a free agent basis.

Perez is set to spend three times as much as he has in the past three years

Don Florentino was willing to shell out 200 million euros for Mbappe last summer, but he is generally happy with Kylian’s move as a free agent. This further fits better into the strategy. It has been rumored for months and even years that the summer of 2022 will be the beginning of the Galacticos 3.0 era for Real Madrid. The club has the means to acquire stars, and the completion of the renovation of the Santiago Bernabeu is seen as a major milestone in the club’s history. Having upgraded its arena, Madrid plans to launch a new sports project with young superstars of world soccer at its core.

According to rumors, Florentino Perez plans to spend about 300 million euros on transfers of players who will have to personify the “Royal Club” in the next decade. The most shocking part of the enterprising president’s idea is to combine Kylian Mbappe and Erling Hollande at Real Madrid. Although it seems like something fantastic at first glance, there is every reason to believe that both forwards will start next season at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Mbappe is already on the hook, Hollande’s transfer is a work in progress

No one doubts anymore that Mbappe has a signed contract with Real Madrid, which will be announced at the end of the season. The main intrigue today is whether it will be possible to sign Holand? And if you compare the information seeping into the press from different and unrelated sources, everything is going towards the acquisition of the Norwegian. First, he himself has dropped that he will continue his career in Spain. Secondly, there are ideal relations between Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund and there will be no problems between the clubs. Thirdly, the transfer of Mbappe, postponed since last summer, facilitates the signing of Holand.

In 2021, Real Madrid were ready to pay 200 million for Kylian, but PSG refused. Now for the Frenchman’s autograph they will have to pay about 80 million euros as a signing bonus, but the savings are visible, the 120 million freed up almost completely cover the deal for Holand, which is estimated at 150. Perhaps Real Madrid would have been better off inviting Erling in 2023 so as not to bump him up against Benzema, but his rivals do not doze off, so they have to be proactive. If everything works out, Madrid’s attacking lineup for the 2022/23 season will consist of Benzema, Vinicius, and Holland. Bale and Isco will go, they will try to get rid of Azar, so it’s not to be a sensation, and the amount of wages will not be higher than now.

We need strategic transfers in other lines as well

It’s easy to spend 300 million euros if you’re going to sign Mbappe and Hollande. Those two would cost about 230-250, taking into account the initial payments to all interested parties. The salaries are not taken into account now. Thus, there is still 50-70 million euros of the transfer budget. At this amount you can not particularly turn around, but another important task can be solved.

The main positions on Real Madrid’s transfer visas are known. In addition to the familiar Mbappe and Hollande, there are Tchouameni, Bellingham, Porrot, and recently Serguei Gnabry, whose contract with Bayern Munich expires in 2023, has been linked with the “creel”. I very much doubt that there will be an attempt to sign Gnabry this summer, at most Serge could be of interest to Real Madrid as a free agent in 2023, when Benzema and possibly Rodrigo and Asensio are already gone.

As for the young central midfielders, the plan is about the same. The magical trio of Casemiro-Croos-Modrić has one season left in full strength, but Valverde and Camavanga are already in the rotation. It makes sense to sign another strong midfielder in 2023, when Modric is expected to leave the team. Tchouameni and Bellingham are obvious candidates, but the transfer should be planned for 2023. Expected midfielders for next season: Casemiro, Modric, Kroos, Valverde, Camavanga and Antonio Blanco from Castilla, who is promised a place in the first team.

However, Real Madrid have a personnel problem that can be solved within the transfer budget for summer 2022. We need a right-back because Dani Carvajal cannot return to his previous level after an endless series of injuries, the Spaniard’s mistakes in big matches are costing Madrid dearly. Most likely, there will be an attempt to sign Pedro Porro, whom even artificial intelligence calls the ideal right-back for Real Madrid.

Porro is completing a two-year loan at Sporting Lisbon from Manchester City, the Portuguese club has the option to buy the Spaniard for a rather modest amount, and Real Madrid in turn will pay Sporting the market value (40-50 million euros). Florentino Perez already knows that the attacking stars alone will not go far, in addition to the forwards, “Real” needs young, hungry and energetic players in positions that require renewal.