The LL record holder instead of Holand and six more Dortmund rookies

The LL record holder instead of Holand and six more Dortmund rookies

Marko Roze and Edin Terzic love the 4-2-3-1 model, but Borussia D’s lineup allows them to play differently. Akandja, Zagadu and Jan were out together in the three, the left flank can completely cover not only Guerreiro and Schulz, but even Torgan Azar – the Belgian also has that experience. Meunier and Wolff were seen on the right, and Jan’s versatility allowed the veteran to move from midfield to defense and back again.

The 4-2-3-1 model has the advantage of being able to put in two rookie strikers and Marco Royce at the same time, but in that case Bellingham and his partner in the supporting area, where Axel Witsel will no longer be present – he left for Spain – need to take on more draft work. Since the young Englishman is phenomenally talented, one of the top hopes of world soccer right now, Terzic needs to think hard.

It’s a little surprising that Marco Rosé, who was preparing to replace Holand and allowed the game with a “rhombus” in the center, has been sent off. Watzke and Zork are not easy guys, they have been at the club for a long time, but this spring it was decided to say goodbye to Michael. The sporting director of Borussia D, who was at the club for 44 years – as player and manager – has resigned, and he has been replaced by the familiar Sebastian Kehl, former team captain and assistant to Zork.

In Dortmund they fear that if they do not add fresh ideas, they may not win the Bundesliga for another ten years, and this affects the financial component, which is so important for Borussia D, where they still remember how the club was on the verge of bankruptcy. The decision to bring back young Terzic is a risk, but logical, because the team is waiting for a big reshuffle, and at the helm is now a young sports director, Kel is only 42 years old, and Zork will turn sixty at the end of the summer.

Strengthened the defense with national team players

Niklas Süle is a free agent from Bayern, but signing him cost a decent amount of money. Nico Schlotterbeck from Freiburg cost 20 million euros and is also a German national team defender. The young, dyed blond can play center and left in defense, has appeared at the club in the supporting zone, but Dortmund needs him in front of the nose of the promising Swiss Gregor Kobel, who in his first season at the new club did not play very well if we talk about the percentage of shots reflected.

Borussia D’s defense conceded 52 goals, a terrible result – ninth place in the Bundesliga. And it is impossible to talk about injustice or accident. Committed fifteen more defensive mistakes than Bayern and Leipzig, as they allowed their opponents to create quality chances. Kobel made 71 saves, but when the goalkeeper of one of the favorites meets 105 shots on goal, he has little chance to perform like Neuer, who has every third match – “dry”. And consider that Bayern’s defense has also received fair criticism.

Will Süle and Schlotterbeck make the difference? Not a fact, as they are not analogous to the young Hummels and Boateng of the Bayern days. But Akandji and Zagadu did not please Rosé with their actions, Hummels needed more reliable partners. Borussia D’s defense is unlikely to become reliable largely due to their style of play – taking risks, trying to work high (not always succeeding). But the instability may go away with time, because last season in the Bundesliga the team lost 9 games, although they completely refused to sign the world.

Natural born sharpshooters have been brought in

Borussia D often has great newcomers. But at the same time, Allaire and Adeyemi understand why they were signed at the same time. There’s a little doubt about the class. After all, Aller has come a long way from an underrated striker to the man who broke Holand’s record of scoring 10 goals in his first six Champions League games (the Norwegian spent more per game). And Karim Adeyemi makes the list of doubts for the same reason that every central striker from Germany after Klose.

The Munich native, who was missed by Bayern, has revealed himself at Salzburg. But performances in Austria do not guarantee anything, not everyone is accelerated like Holand. The German forward will debut in the Bundesliga, where he has never played before. And although we’re talking about a striker who was called up by Flick for the German national team matches, Adeyemi at twenty will play poorly from time to time. But Borussia D is full of players in the attack.

In the center of the attack will play Aller, Adeyemi and Mukoko, although the Dutchman Malen should not be forgotten. Azar, Royce, Brandt, Bellingham, Reina, Wolf and Malen are under attack. The situation is a little worse in the center, where you’re missing a guy like Delaney. The Dane is at Sevilla, and now the supporting area in Dortmund can be too predictable for opponents, albeit creative. Dahoud, Jan, Bellingham and even Brandt, who shined there, are not purebred destroyers. Let’s look at Turkey’s newcomer Ozcan, but Salih at Cologne wasn’t just destructive.

There could be problems because of the rotation

Edin Terzic needs to clearly decide not so much on the scheme – tactically you can imagine a varied Borussia D, because the upcoming Champions League matches, it will be a difficult season for Bayern, if the loss of Lewandowski will be more painful than expected. The young coach needs to clearly explain to each player his plan for the season. At the moment, Borussia D has too many players – that happens too, but there are problematic positions.

And globally, the trouble with the players who have come through Borussia D is that they rarely confirm the advances given to them. So far, Ousmane Dembele has been remembered for his tardiness and capriciousness at Barcelona, rather than his solid play. So far, Sancho has not lived up to expectations at Manchester United and Pulisic is not the leader of the new Chelsea. Aubameyang at Arsenal allowed himself to be unlucky off the pitch, and Goetze is a symbol of how unlucky it can be, because Mario, who scored the winning goal in the World Cup final, did not move to Liverpool, did not become a superstar.

But he, like Reus, was hampered by health problems, and sometimes the talent from Borussia D simply goes sour, like Julian Weigl. Seriously, it seemed like the guy would follow in the footsteps of Kimmich and Kroos, and now he’s twenty-six and playing in Portugal. This talk doesn’t mean that Holand won’t make it at Manchester City, although let’s remember his knee and ligament problems. But both Marco Reuss and Guerreiro and Brandt are unlucky guys.

Minor injuries, frustrating defeats, an understatement that both adult Torgan Azar and yesterday’s schoolboy Giovanni Reina have. So it turns out that Borussia D, which can play any way it wants with the current squad, is associated with both Holand, who shot and Schultz, who lost. But they will be stronger, especially if Kehl and Watzke bring in edge defenders before the end of the summer, because it is with the laterals that there are concerns, since Menier and Guerreiro cannot always find their way out of the infirmary, and if Aller and Adeyemi play no worse than in Amsterdam and Salzburg, then Borussia D will be stronger.

In last year’s bizarre season, the risky Norwegian Holand was in the lineup in only two-thirds of Bundesliga games, with Bayern leading the Bumblebees by eight points. Now the name challenger is stronger, but the champion without Lewandowski still needs to be tested.


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