The match between FTR and Roppongi Vice ended without a result due to interference from United Empire 

The match between FTR and Roppongi Vice

The Empire eliminated both teams and claimed the ROH team titles

Author’s Opinion: The match could have been a four if not for two things. 1. Absolutely dead crowd, and to say the least, there’s a desire for Vegas viewers to just get kicked out of the arena because they’re being shown a very good level match – and they’re dead. 2. Interference. Despite the caliber of the team, I still can’t take interference calmly.

From behind the scenes, Matt Hardy addresses the Bucks, noting that their stories are similar. All four were raised by great parents, each already had kids, and each dreamed of becoming a pro wrestling superstar. But that’s where the similarities end. The Hardys came into the business in the ’90s, and things were different then, the whole culture and “school” was tougher, it was so hard that you had to survive. But not only did Jeff and Matt survive, they became revolutionaries of the team division. And when they look at the Bucks, and when fans look at the Bucks, all they see are Hardy Brothers cosplayers. And the reason Matt and Jeff are in AEW is simple – to cement their G.O.A.T. status. Jeff supports his brother by saying that yes – they’re not in prime form. They’re in better shape than ever. And for Jeff, AEW is a new beginning. And on DoN, the Bucks will be nothing more than stepping stones on their way to team division gold to lock in their legendary status. Matt, on the other hand, finishes things off by saying that the Jacksons have never been and never will be better than them. And they usually say “don’t meet your hero – he’ll disappoint you.” However, Matt promises to disappoint the Bucks by saying that they can never beat their heroes.


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