The racial claims against Graeme Smith have been proven false

The racial claims against Graeme Smith have been proven false

Due to the lack of evidence against him given by two independent arbitrators – Adv Ngwako Maenetje SC and Adv Michael Bishop – Graeme Smith, the former Director of Cricket of Cricket South Africa, has been exonerated of multiple racial claims.

Graeme Smith, the former Director of Cricket for Cricket South Africa, has been exonerated of several racial claims after two independent arbitrators — Adv Ngwako Maenetje SC and Adv Michael Bishop – found no evidence against him.

Unfortunately, before to the SJN, a slew of opportunistic accusations and insinuations were made that were not thoroughly investigated and shown to be incorrect.

In a statement, Smith stated

“As a player, captain, and administrator, I’ve always given my all for South African cricket throughout the previous 20 years.”

“As a result, hearing these bogus claims of racism has been tremendously distressing for both myself and my family.”

“It’s been tiring and stressful, not least because South African cricket has been undergoing a well-publicized rebuilding process that has necessitated a great deal of focus.”

The CSA’s Social Justice and Nation-Building (SJN) procedure resulted in the arbitration. Adv Maenetje SC and Adv Bishop decided in the arbitration award that:

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