The return of Kane or the rise of Holand in Manchester City

The return of Kane or the rise of Holand in Manchester City

The upcoming season in the English Premier League could be one of the most exciting in terms of the race for top scorer. Previously, even top teams have neglected the position of an impactful pronounced center forward. Now, with the arrival of Darwin Nunez at Liverpool, and the arrival of Erling Holland at Manchester City, we can expect the scoring battle to intensify in a big way.

Arsenal have Gabriel Jesus trying to reboot his career, while Tottenham have kept Harry Kane and Son Heung-min. And Cristiano Ronaldo should not be written off if he stays at Manchester United. Let’s take a look at how England itself assesses the chances of the top contenders for the Golden Boot.

Darwin Nunez (Liverpool)

The Uruguayan moved to Liverpool after a breakthrough season at Benfica, where he scored 26 goals in 28 games. Having paid nearly £85 million, the Reds will expect Nunez to take over immediately and not only replace the prolific Sadio Mane, but surpass his performance.

Obviously, he has a number of other advantages and is more inclined to play as an impact versatile center forward. Nunez’s performance in the FA Super Cup game against Manchester City may inspire Liverpool fans, who saw Darwin score a goal and earn a penalty in half an hour. Complicating his path to the Golden Boot should Liverpool be successful could be teammates like Mohamed Salah. For now, Nunez’s odds are rated 3/5.

Erling Holland (Manchester City)

Another star newcomer who the title challenger has high goalscoring hopes. He may not have scored in that Super Cup game. But he was close to it. The atmosphere of high expectations was even stronger around Holland than it was around Nunez. And everyone was curious to see how Guardiola will work with the closing striker, having a habit of using attacking players of another plan.

Josep has used false nines, but the attempt to get Kane last year showed that the Spaniard wants to try a different style. He was waiting for the right option and he waited. In the Bundesliga, Holand scored 61 goals in 66 games. Only Robert Lewandowski can boast more impressive figures. Interestingly, bookmakers have Holland as one of the main favorites in the race for the Golden Boot in England due to his phenomenal consistent performance in previous years. His odds are rated 4/5.

Son Heung-Min (Tottenham)

The level of interaction between Son and Kane in England is legendary. And that bond has been preserved at Tottenham, promising a goal extravaganza and a divine level of understanding and combination play. Last season, Son was the proud winner of the APL top scorer title together with Salah.

He hopes to repeat that success. In addition, Son was unfairly, in the opinion of many, not included in the Team of the Year according to the Professional Football Association. It turns out that Son’s Golden Boot itself was a surprise, and then there’s this undervaluation of merit. A breakthrough is expected from Tottenham this season under Antonio Conte, and Sohn could lead it. Although the odds of him winning the Golden Boot are estimated at 2/5.

Harry Kane (Tottenham)

And not far behind his Spurs teammate should be Kane. Harry, in pursuit of his fourth Golden Boot last season, let the start down. By New Year’s Day, Kane had just four goals, while Salah had as many as 15 and Son had seven. But who can write off the three-time APL top scorer? In addition, under Conte, in conjunction with Son, Harry is productive again.

And he is no longer distracted by rumors of a possible move to another club, so we can get down to business from the start of the season. Conte has a knack for using the center-forward for his intended purpose. His teams have always featured striking strikers. Along with Holland, Kane is seen as the main contender for the Golden Boot with a 4/5 chance.

Mohamed Salah (Liverpool)

Another choice for those who are used to voting for stable and proven contenders. The Egyptian may have had a slump at some point related to the team’s overall form and psychological state. But last season showed that Salah was in good form.

And in the pre-season he was good, fresh and inventive, and in the match for the Super Cup in England. Salah tends to have a brisk start to the season. As mentioned, he scored 15 goals in the last championship already by New Year’s Day. And no player has scored more in the APL since Salah arrived at the beginning of the 2017/18 season. Perhaps Nunez will take some of the goals away from him in the upcoming season, but Mohamed will find his place in goal. And his chances are rated 4/5.

Gabriel Jesus (Arsenal)

The Brazilian’s wish has come true as he stepped out of the shadow he was in at Manchester City this summer, where he was used sporadically and did not really display his scoring skills. The brightest preseason at Arsenal showed that Jesus has not forgotten how to score. And it is thanks to her Gabriel is in this ranking.

“The Canaries were just missing such a striker. Nketiah’s efforts are commendable and noteworthy, but still not at the same level. Jesus, even with occasional flashes at City, scored very important goals, but still put the interests of the team above all, not his own goal-scoring achievements. At Arsenal he will have a slightly different role, a different front of work and responsibility. The chances of the industrious forward are rated 2/5.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)

If the Portuguese remains at Man Utd, there’s no doubt he’ll score a pack of goals and be somewhere near the top of the goalscorer list. Much can be said about the 37-year-old star’s detrimental influence on United’s game, but he knows his goalscoring game.

He scored 18 goals in the Premier League last season, eight more than the team’s second top scorer, Bruno Fernandes. In terms of performance, at least he brought himself out from under the fire that the entire team was under last season. But how much motivation and freshness will he retain, and how will his team support him? Ronaldo’s chances for the Golden Boot are not as high as his main competitors at 1/5.

Anyone else?

There are always those who come to the forefront that you don’t immediately consider. Last season, for example, that joker was Son. Now it might be some unnamed players from the top clubs. For example, Jota, who scored 15 goals last season, seems to be in the shadows. But representatives of other teams may also distinguish themselves. Chelsea newcomer Sterling, for example, will clearly be trusted and get plenty of chances. The main thing for him is not to squander them in his preferred style. Or the veteran Vardy will once again relive his youth at his Leicester club.


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