The world reacts to Modric’s trivella

Back at Tottenham, the Croatian performed this technically difficult technique. It’s a Portuguese term, so people often attribute the “authorship” to Ricardo Cuarejma. It is a pass or a shot on goal with the outside of the foot. But those who saw Roberto Carlos’ free-kick with the outside of the foot against France know that the Portuguese winger was walking under the table, while in soccer they already used the Trivela.

The world reacts to Modric's trivella

Since the coaches in the past did not always allow dangerous tricks, only the bravest players allowed themselves to take risks. On the other hand, the trivet has a practical advantage – it is harder for the opponent to read the pass if the ball is on the outside of the foot, and then immediately followed by a passing pass. Here, the Chelsea defenders failed to stop Modric, who sent Real Madrid into the winning overtime. It was all about the quality of the pass and the speed of the decision.

If we look for trivela fans in the past, we come out to the Serbian midfielder Ljubinko Drulovic, who played for Portuguese clubs in the nineties. Caught representatives of different generations, ran with Zahovic, Jardel and Conceição. Won trophies with Porto, played in the Champions League. But it is clear that his name is more likely to be associated with the popularization of the trivela among the boys who watched the Porto matches, like Quarejma himself.

It does not have a single author, unlike the Cruyff U-turn, the Marseille roulette, which before Zidane was actively practiced by Maradona, or Rabona, which was made famous by the Argentine Ricardo Infante. It is possible that Rivelin, the inventor of the flip-flop, introduced the trivella. The same “flip-flop”, which was successfully repeated by Ronaldinho, the world saw back at the 70 World Cup. Rivelin called the trivella “three fingers” because the ball touched only three toes.

The new is well forgotten old. And if it is difficult for an ordinary footballer to dare to make a trivella at a key moment, Modrić often spoils the public with such passes. Even when it’s a pass to the center of the pitch, the Croatian opts for the difficult route, as the midfielder plays with both feet. It is possible to win precious milliseconds without adjusting to the ball, and you have to use it by all means and often.

The Croatian made the difference with Chelsea

Two assists for the cost of a Champions League semifinal. A pass in the first game, a decisive pass in the second game when Real Madrid were 0-3 down and flying out. The Spaniards failed to cope with Shakhtar at home (last season they lost 2:3) and Sherif (1:2 last autumn), so we should not be so surprised by Chelsea’s leaping. The English were a bit unlucky, especially in the first game when Benzema’s hat-trick ruined everything.

But as long as Real Madrid have the great Courtois, Casemiro, Kroos, Benzema and Modrić, then Kamawinga and Vinicius will have time to grow, and Mbappe to decide to come to Madrid. In the meantime, it’s the “old guard” who are pulling. And Modric is allowed to do what Messi was allowed to do at Barcelona – the Croatian is a desperate “pedestrian”. Yesterday we saw Luka try to shut down a defensive mistake but he was crushed by Rüdiger after a cross from the flank. And during Real Madrid’s counterattacks, Modrić was far away from the other side’s goal.

Ancelotti has made the Croatian run a lot only once all season – against Barcelona, when they made the veteran a “false forward” without Benzema. But Modric is no Messi, so we remember the result – a 0-4 victory for Xavi. Chelsea’s fourth goal yesterday was not counted, as Marcos Alonso, a pupil of Real Madrid, was found to have played with his hand. Three accurate shots would have been enough, had it not been for Modric’s brilliant pass. So don’t count his assists or goals, look at the number of passes – 60 per game, and their accuracy – over 90%.

In 2012, Mourinho told Real Madrid fans not to criticize Modric, to be patient and give him time. Ten years on, the Croatian says he is still chasing the ball as he wants to repay the fans of the club for their love and support over the years. Modrić is a great player, a legend of Real and world soccer. And the most important words after the match were said by the Croatian 2018 Ballon d’Or winner himself:

Giving up is not the answer.