ThunderStorm defeated Nayla Rose and Marina Shafir

ThunderStorm defeated Nayla Rose and Marina Shafir

Tony Shavoni is backstage with Jade Cargill, Kiera Hogan, and Stokely Hathaway. Jade immediately demands an explanation from Stockley about what happened last week. He replies that if the wrestling company instituted temporary championships, they might as well have a “temporary Buddie.” Leila Grey enters the frame. According to Stockley, it cost him 1,100 bucks, and he understands the math — because three against two is much better than two against two. And it’s all about keeping the opponents from kicking the champ’s ass. Jade replies that if Layla doesn’t back up Stockley’s words with action, the next ass that’s in jeopardy is his.

We are shown a list of matches scheduled for upcoming issues, including a match at ROH Death Before Dishonored between Wheeler Utah and Daniel Garcia for the ROH Pure Championship. Tony Shavoni interviews Garcia afterwards. The latter says that last week he put his foot on Utah’s neck and held his title. And he couldn’t do anything about it. They spent an hour in the same ring last week, and Garcia absorbed everything Utah could give. Bottom line, Utah is not such a tough guy to scare anyone. And on the PPV from ROH, Garcia will make the call to be the best.

After the break, we are shown a promo from FTR. Cash says they call themselves 7-stars champions, living legends, AAA, NJPW and ROH team champions, and the hardest part was winning the latter titles at Supercard Of Honor. And a few weeks later the next PPV from ROH, and despite the fact that they beat the Brisco brothers, some people still don’t think they’re the best.Dex picks up, saying we can think whatever we want, but we have to be willing to be wrong. And if management wants to sell out the upcoming PPV, a decade-long rematch should be scheduled. That’s why they’re calling Briscoe up for a second ROH titles meet. One more time to prove to everyone that FTR is the best team on the planet. And if the Briscoe brothers want to be kings, they have to kill kings. Top Guys – OUT!


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