Tiori Austin has bad news for Bob Lashley on the latest Monday Night RAW

Tiori Austin has bad news for Bob Lashley on the latest Monday Night RAW

We’re in San Diego, CA at Pechanga Arena, and the show was opened with a colorful video letting us know that we have a special edition of RAW today in conjunction with Independence Day. Kevin Patrick replaced Jimmy Smith on the commentary panel, and we were shown a preview of tonight’s show. And now the newly crowned United States Champion Bobby Lashley appeared in the arena. The audience greeted him warmly. “The Almighty” stated that he had waited a long time for this moment. And today is the perfect day for him to be the one to tell us, “Welcome to Monday Night RAW.” Independence Day is a very important holiday for every American, so Lashley is doubly proud to stand in the ring with the United States Champion belt. Bob believes that it’s not the belt that makes a wrestler beautiful, it’s the wrestler that makes the belt meaningful, and he wants to say this: there isn’t a single person in any division or even other promotion that can take this championship away from Lashley. After these words of his, “Mr. Money in the Bank” Tiori heads to the ring. Tiori doesn’t understand why it was Bobby who opened tonight’s weekly, since all the fans probably wanted to see and hear Austin in the first place.

Lashley may have won at PLE on Saturday, but everyone is still talking about the youngest holder of the MitB briefcase, Tiori. Money in the Bank came out hard for Thiori, he had to work hard and hard on Saturday. He was up against veterans, former world champions and former case holders. Fans greeted all of these lines with the chant, “You Suck!” “That’s what they’re saying to you,” Lashley remarked, to which Austin suggested he shut up. Thiori acknowledged that Bobby was better than him in the first half of the show, but just like Michael Jordan or Tom Brady, or both at once together, Thiori shined brightest in the end. He climbed the ladder, ripped off the suitcase, and became “Mr. Money in the Bank.” And he could do it, as they say, all day long. Lashley said he was wrong about Tiori. Bob thought all along that Austin was actively trying to be an arrogant jerk. And it turns out that “arrogant jerk” has been Thiori’s other self for a long time. Did Austin happen to think that he was handed an opportunity he didn’t deserve because Lashley stomped on his fragile ego shortly before? In any case, if Thiori wants to get into Hurt Lock again he should only … Continue reading at source.

Thiori interrupted Lashley by saying that Bobby would have a chance to try to apply that Hurt Lock later in the show, since they’re in a 3 on 3 teaming match on opposite teams. Austin just wanted to say that he always gets what he wants. He’s already the owner of the case that will allow him to fly to the top. And he was also told today that he would get a rematch with Bobby Lashley at SummerSlam with the States Championship on the line. But that’s only part of Austin’s plans for the main show of the summer. At Slam, Brock Lesnar will wrestle Roman Raines in a Last Man Standing match. The world championship, of course, will be on the line. They’ll beat the crap out of each other. But whoever is the last man standing, that man will go A-Town Down. And Thiori, at just 24 years old, will become the greatest undisputed world champion in WWE history. Lashley responded by saying that Thiori forgot the part of the plan that contains the word “if.” “If Thiori makes it to SummerSlam. After all, it’s Independence Day, and the fans deserve fireworks. After these words, Tiori threw his suitcase into Lashley’s hands and attacked him. After throwing a few punches with the suitcase, he was about to charge a control shot to the head, but Bobby blocked it and hit a back elbow. Spinebuster followed, and Austin rolled off to ringside, not forgetting the case with the contract…

Well, all in all, a pretty classic WWE-inspired opening segment that contained everything that was needed, and quite succinctly: a preview of the tag team later in the show, the SummerSlam main event commercial, the obviously potential announcement of the title match at that very SummerSlam, and a little brawl at the end. It all looked pretty organic, which was aided by the audience’s reaction, but it was kind of pointless. Oh, and by the way, do I have to say that I’m not a fan of the Lashley/Tiori rematch at SummerSlam? Why not? If only because at this rate, the main show of the summer will be at least half of the rematches from previous shows.