Tite has called Neymar’s coaches donkeys

Tite has called Neymar's coaches donkeys

Any big deal has pros and cons. Selling or loaning Neymar to a London club would be just that. Will open the list of big new-era transfers with other Chelsea owners. Tiago Silva has hinted at the English side’s interest in the PSG attacking midfielder. A loan or a full-blown transfer – we’ll see, but the French club president has started to talk about discipline and professionalism in interviews.

There were more than transparent hints that there are people in the squad whose behaviour off the pitch is preventing them from playing consistently. There was also an evasion of the question about Neymar’s future. Al-Khelifi’s words are said to have predictably hurt the player, with PSG refusing to confirm that the Brazilian remains. And Chelsea aren’t shouting that they don’t need such a player. First, let’s discuss the minuses of the deal, then move on to the pros, and see if the game is worth the candle.

Against the transfer

  • Willingness to stay at PSG. Firstly, the World Cup is coming up, the player is afraid of losing tone by not playing for another club. Secondly, stamina. Neymar will talk about how he regrets that he does not play 50-60 games a season, but at the same time he complains that they do not allow him to celebrate his grandmother’s birthday. In Paris he allows himself a lot, in London or another city it will be different. The footballer is afraid of the whip method, he wants to remain surrounded by Latin Americans at PSG. It’s possible that he believes in a Champions League final with Messi and Mbappe.
  • Frequent injuries. Neymar doesn’t play from call up to call down in France. It’s risky to sign such a player and then see him half the season in the stands at Stamford Bridge rather than on the pitch. There have been enough minor injuries, the welcome in the AFL is tough. Neymar at thirty doesn’t look like a man who can easily handle serious workloads. This isn’t Firmino, Fabinho or Fernandinho and Jesus.
  • Footballer’s salary. Lukaku was paid a lot, but Neymar will demand even more. 35 million euros net is an incredible amount, even Chelsea would find it difficult to give such a salary to a rookie without pissing off anyone in the team. But some of the veterans like Aspilicueta will leave. Mount and Havertz may recognise that Neymar’s status allows him to get the most. But will the Brazilian work off the money? A full-blown transfer is risky, but a loan or exchange for a few players is being discussed.
  • The Londoners are more important as a forward. “Chelsea can strengthen the squad without addressing the dangerous Neymar connection. There is talk of a deal for Rafinha and Manchester City players’ names keep popping up. Tuchel is putting the team together, and while he lacks such a star figure, is Neymar more important than a new striker? Lukaku is gone, Havertz isn’t the tip, Werner doesn’t fit in. Better to give the money to the forward.
  • Neymar’s difficult character. Tite is said to need Dani Alves in Qatar as part of the national team, no one else can control Neymar. At the celesao they look into his mouth, but you can’t do that at the club. Tuchel is familiar with the player, Diego Costa, Azar and other guys with character played at Chelsea. But they are all tough and Neymar is soft. It’s harder for him to fit in with those who can take orders, like Kante or Kovačić.

To the transfer

  • The Chelsea brand needs stars. The process of pumping the AFL with superheroes cannot be interrupted in order to maintain their status as a popular league. Hollande hasn’t gone to La Liga and Salah hasn’t left the APL yet. Youngsters like Alvarez and Nunez will come in, interesting defenders and midfielders will come in. There will be youngsters growing up. Neymar is interesting to promote the brand. The Brazilians have started to do well in the APL, the emergence of a strong player for Chelsea is a potential bargaining chip on the way to fighting for the title.
  • Neymar has bogged down in Ligue 1. He’s not interested, and when a man of character gets bored, there will be minor injuries and less desire to fight for PSG. On class he’s screwing his opponents but hasn’t fulfilled his potential. In the APL you will not stand up to others’ attacks, Neymar benefits from six months to train and play at the pace of such a strong league – and for the Brazilian national team a plus, and for himself.
  • There is no place for him in PSG’s core. Messi, Neymar and Mbappe have not formed an impact trio. Lionel is no longer a right winger, Cilian has never been a centre-forward and Júnior is not a pure lateral, to which we will return. Di Maria was a better fit, but they didn’t extend his contract with him. Any coach can see PSG need a centre forward, they are just what all the grands are looking for and signing. In a 4-3-3 scheme, Messi and Mbappe can be in the attack with the new Ibrahimovic and Neymar is superfluous.
  • Chelsea need championship layers. There was enough character and order to get off to a good start in the last APL season, but they have rolled back further. “Chelsea are a bit straightforward. Didn’t lose out to Real Madrid in football but fell out because of Ancelotti’s key players. Kante and Jorginho, Werner and Lukaku didn’t produce the best seasons of their careers. Mendy saved, Rüdiger was good, but injuries and the lack of a long, powerful squad have taken their toll. So go for the Man City players, Rafinha and Neymar. Tuchel needs championship layers – the echelons of attack and defence.
  • Tuchel’s tactical scheme. In the APL, a 3-4-2-1 is the model that suits Neymar perfectly. Since losing Rüdiger and Aspilicueta, there will be new central defenders. But it’s unlikely that Tuchel will opt for a 4-3-3. And Tite thinks everyone who puts Neymar on the wing is an ass. Pochettino and many others have often done so, believing that Júnior cannot sustain the pace of the game in the centre. But at Chelsea he will be offered the role of left wing-back rather than pure winger. It’s difficult to work in attack in the APL, neither Sterling, Mount nor Harvec will be tied clearly to one position at Tuchel’s side.

Neymar is a very bright but dangerous newcomer

Is it fair to say that Neymar is exactly what Chelsea are missing? Perhaps, even for the Brazilian team, he is both reward and punishment. He is useful when he has an advantage over his opponents. And dangerous at crucial moments when he gets angry, cannot concentrate and gets lost on the pitch, although he was unleashing everyone in the last match. Not initiating parting ways with PSG himself, but if the Parisians have told the player’s father it’s time to look for another team, Chelsea are one of the most likely and understandable candidates.

MJ do not need such a player, Bayern have already taken Mane and there are enough wingers. And PSG are understandable. But it’s the choice of the buyer that not everyone will appreciate unequivocally. Leasing Neymar is a dangerous and expensive deal, not to mention an exchange where Chelsea give up players and pay extra money. Could Tuchel insist on such a reshuffle? Perhaps, because every strong coach believes that it is under his guidance that a difficult player will do well. But that’s what they thought of Azar at Real Madrid. Might as well bring back the Belgian on loan as Neymar, who didn’t even make the Ligue 1 squad for the season. He’s at least adapted to Chelsea, and will also play in a similar position as a left insider.


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