Tuchel annoyed, Chelsea’s transfer campaign crumpled

Tuchel annoyed, Chelsea's transfer campaign crumpled

Thomas is angry at Barcelona, with the Catalans causing the Chelsea coach to have a conflict with the captain. Aspilicueta wants to leave, but the German specialist insists – in Catalonia they do not see the Spaniard as an important player, but take him for rotation.

“Barcelona is asking Aspilicueta to do as Lewandowski did – to initiate the parting a year before the end of his contract. Since the fate of Kunde is being decided right now, Thomas’ anger is understandable. The Catalans can acquire the French defender from Sevilla.

And he did so after Laporta announced that Jules would switch to Chelsea. The only problem is that Rüdiger, Christensen, Kunde and Aspilicueta want to live in Spain, not play for the London club. Jules is waiting for Sevilla and Barcelona to agree.

Tuchel bets on experience, but it’s not enough

Sterling and Koulibaly are great players. But Rahim needs to settle into a leadership role after seasons when he was a detail in Guardiola’s championship tank. And Kalidou never played in the APL, settling in to England. Silva, who knows French, and Senegal teammate Mendy will help with that.

But two signings, with two central defenders gone and Lukaku leaving, do not solve all of Chelsea’s key problems. Moreover, Sterling’s emergence means that Tuchel needs a sell-out in the attack, which Granovsky left for the future when he did not know that Abramovich would lose Chelsea.

Taking the prolific Raheem for just €56 million, or Koulibaly for €38 million is a big deal. But who said that the negotiations were not led by Granovskaia? Marina promised to advise Chelsea on key transfer issues this summer, but now her status has changed.

Sellers and buyers understand that the specialist is no longer the right hand of the club owner. And does Tuchel, who has clashed with various bosses, have experience of successful negotiations? After all, Thomas has said to the world – Aspilicueta wants to leave, and they will keep him by force of contract.

The coach hopes that by September Cesar will admit defeat and calm down. But when has that ever worked? Tuchel didn’t want to lose Rüdiger and expected more from the expensive signing of Lukaku. But the Belgian’s lease to Inter was negotiated by new boss Boeley, not Thomas.

Neymar is kicking, Ronaldo in doubt

The Parisians would love to give Neymar to London. But does the Brazilian want to go to the APL on the eve of the World Cup, where it is more physically demanding than in Ligue 1? Neymar complains about how hard he gets kicked, but it’s unlikely to be greeted differently in England. Also, Chelsea doesn’t want to mess with the Brazilian because his salary is incredible.

Thirty years old, not a young player in a team that doesn’t know where to put Werner and Ziesch. Tuchel, given wide powers, is not acting ahead of the curve. That said, it was hardly Thomas who initiated several rounds of negotiations at once with Mendes over the transfer of Ronaldo, who is hiding in Lisbon.

Sulscher got burned when he failed to integrate Cristiano into the MJ game. Ten Hague may yet walk into this burning castle of a man with an ego. You don’t have to be a psychiatrist to realize how insecure a guy Ronaldo is internally. A man who has had so many plastic surgeries can’t be without complexes.

Tuchel is right that signing Ronaldo is dangerous for Chelsea, and Neymar’s move will be blocked by the new bosses. Silva tried to lobby for a move for his national team acquaintance to London, but so far things have gone quiet. We also add the Lewandowski story. Tuchel wanted to work with the Pole, but it did not work out.

The player refused, so we get a picture which speaks in favor of the strategic mistake of the club from London. When Granovska left, we needed to find her a strong replacement. Not by position – MJ also has a formal sporting director, but by sense. But Boehli wants to play soccer manager.

We need a forward and there will be losses in the center

Kante will be a free agent in a year. Although Ngolo is old enough, there will be a line of decent clubs lined up for him. Jorginho allowed a return to Italy, he was hit hard by health problems – playing on shots, and misses in the Italian national team jersey.

Brazilian national team player Mancini has agreed that the European champions need a direct ticket to the world championships, because he feels guilty. Of all of Tuchel’s midfielders, only Kovacic is in good spirits. Young Gallagher, on the other hand, is unsure of what to do next.

The Chelsea stars are unlikely to let Conor in the base, what’s the point of staying? Alonso also wants to leave. And if he does it together with Aspilicueta, a team that plays three central defenders will have fewer options on the flanks. James and Chillwell have been injured, a replacement is needed.

At the same time there were enough questions to Alonso, not only Werner made mistakes. Although everything is clear with Timo, now he is the only central striker in the application, if we do not count Batshuayi returned from the lease, or very young Broi. But the Albanian has drawn interest from West Ham and Napoli.

Thomas is at risk of an overdose of power

The silence on the new main striker must anger Tuchel more than Barcelona’s activity in luring in Aspilicueta and Kunde. There is now talk of a conflict between the coach and Werner, but if Boelhi doesn’t force the signing of Ronaldo, who will play in the middle?

Putting Sterling or Havertz as a “false forward” is to let opponents get away with goals after promising attacks. “Chelsea doesn’t play like Manchester City, although even Guardiola acknowledged that it’s better to have Alvarez and Holand than to make it up and lose. The rivals are not napping.

Conte has recruited a solid reserve. Arteta has settled in, and ten Hague is indeed a good coach, albeit in a team where there was much more chaos in management than in Chelsea’s Granovsky. Tuchel was interested in De Ligt, Kunde, Rafinha, Gnabry, Neymar and Lewandowski, now adding Pavar.

And all of these players could be missed by Chelsea. Even betting on the forward, an attempt to get Leão by placating Milan with the Ziesz transfer, is risky because the Portuguese could opt out in hopes of getting into an even higher level team. Or simply won’t play.

Whatever happens, Tuchel might end up disappointed with his seemingly broad new transfer credentials. In theory it’s great when the coach chooses the players, but in practice it’s no coincidence that mankind invented branches of power. When one person makes all the decisions, it ends in disaster.

Don’t immediately write Chelsea off as next season’s disappointment team, as there is still time to do the right thing. But if Boelie and Mendes sell the Ronaldo transfer and Tuchel continues to be publicly angry and complain, Chelsea will be in trouble on the pitch.

Granovsky has unearthed in Thomas what the PSG, Borussia D and Mainz bosses failed to do. For a while, the German forgot his habit of clashing with players and management, which allowed him to win the Champions League. But as last season progressed, there were already disagreements, illustrated by Lukaku’s famous interview.

There is no such thing as a whole group of players not wanting to play for a Chelsea-level club, but there was no reason related to the head coach. Tuchel needs to be careful, the transfer summer is not going according to his plan. The money is there, but the squad for championship contention is definitely not there yet.