Tuchel is in charge at Chelsea 2 billion euros of investment

Tuchel is in charge at Chelsea 2 billion euros of investment

The government has protected Chelsea

Arsenal and Manchester United are ruled by American billionaires, and the results of their actions do not please the fans. The situation at Chelsea is different, because the deal to sell the club is designed so that Todd Boely and his partners in the most expensive purchase in the history of sports have no opportunity to pump all the money out of the club.

There is a moratorium on the sale of shares for ten years. It turns out that the new owners have painted a detailed plan of action, which includes, among other things, an investment of 1.75 billion pounds (2 billion euros). The Americans and the Swiss will reconstruct Stamford Bridge, much of the money will go to the arena. But there is another important point that distinguishes this sale from similar deals for MJ and Arsenal.

Boeley cannot be paid for his work as manager of the club for the next ten years, nor will the consortium of owners receive a dividend like Kronke did at Arsenal. All this is done because in the Abramovich era Chelsea had serious debts to the owner, and now it is important for the club to fit into the framework established by UEFA rules. But they will not be left without money at all – Tuchel will receive about 200 million pounds for the summer transfers.

Granovska leaves, Cech hesitates

Chairman of the board Bruce Buck is stepping down, becoming an advisor. But he is 76 years old, it is clear that the young Petr Cech, not the grandfather, was flying around Leipzig and Milan. The technical director negotiated “in the field”, and the legal and financial side was discussed by Granovskaya. But it is no coincidence that Marina is called Abramovich’s right hand. Roman Arkadyevich will not allow her to stay, he will find another job, perhaps not even related to soccer.

It is also possible that Marina will move to Canada, because she is a citizen of that country. A serious change for Chelsea. Granovska has had major transfer failures – you do not have to go far, Boelie has now knocked out 8 million euros for Lukaku’s loan from Inter. A drop in the ocean compared to the cost of acquiring the Belgian forward. But next to the unsuccessful deals, there were insanely cool transfers like the signings of Kante, Mendy, Silva, Chilwell, and that’s just the fresh transfers.

Even before her status, Granovska was involved in legendary negotiations, about which she could later write a book. Her departure would weaken Chelsea’s position, let it be fair to say that Abramovich personally has the taste of an ordinary Russian billionaire. With him, a lot of players were drafted in who were not supposed to play at Chelsea. The mania for inviting forwards who are never Drogba or Diego Costa is a living example. And next to cool deals like the purchase of Aspilicueta, Azar or Ivanovic.

Tuchel has the power, and that’s the problem

As the great comedian Norm MacDonald joked, it’s not little North Korea we have to fear. It’s not Iran and Iraq that are the worst threats to humanity and civilization. It is Germany we need to fear. It was the Germans who came up with the idea of declaring war on the whole world, and twice. They, when they have too much power, do not only do bad things in politics. The Americans need to be more careful with their promises to Tuchel. Thomas has always been at war with management at previous clubs.

At Chelsea he had no time to fight with Granovska, and now he has become a powerhouse himself. The coach was promised that he would pick up performers, his rights have been extended to about the same as Klopp and Guardiola. The scouts remain, so there is hope that they will stop Thomas from making rash decisions. But what will happen in the distance? Granovsky has negotiated perfectly. Tuchel doesn’t know how to do that. In the past, Thomas could always blame management for a mistake, and more power is also more responsibility.

A good manager assembles a team, and a coach recruits people who fit him. Doesn’t think about how to please the mentor after himself. “Kante, Azpilicueta, Alonso, Pulisic, Kepa and Jorginho could leave Chelsea. Rüdiger has already left, with Christensen on his way to the same Spain. There are always questions about Werner’s future. Ziyes has a difficult character, so we may see more than just Saul Nyiguez in the new season at another club. However, the Spaniard was rarely seen in a Chelsea shirt, it is not a loss.

With such a list of departures you should think about strengthening. Chelsea’s bench was not the shortest, injuries prevented them from fielding their best – Chillwell on the left, but Tuchel needs to work quickly. Without Lukaku, a central striker will come in handy, and Lewandowski will only get Chelsea if all other negotiations break down. Obviously, the Londoners are planning to sign Sterling. Raheem is experienced, not getting the attention at Manchester City that he deserves on his best days.

It’s a similar situation with Bernardo. Guardiola is very honest – he doesn’t want to keep unhappy people at Manchester City. They were unhappy at Chelsea, they will leave, and they will be replaced by motivated ones. Tuchel has his eye on Dembele, with whom they worked in Dortmund. But Ousmane said in a brief casual conversation with a fan that he plans to stay at Barcelona. Nkunka was also linked with Chelsea – Christopher showed class at Leipzig. Although Maundt is in his position at Chelsea, Tuchel may have a different plan in mind.

The reported €200m will help bring ideas to fruition. The Londoners need a strong defense, so Kunde, De Ligt and Guardiola will receive transfer offers. And the Aristocrats’ scouts looked at fifty matches involving Jonathan Clauss from Lans. It is unclear why they need a right-back, because Rhys James has not yet gone to Real Madrid or Manchester City, but the Londoners see better. And they definitely need a tough destroyer. Tuchel likes the creativity of Declan Rice, but the neighbors will demand inadequate money for him.

Given that they now also need a center forward – Chelsea are hardly prepared to play the entire season with Havertz at the cutting edge and Werner as a dubious substitute – manager Tuchel has a difficult task. There is an urgent need to part with those for whom money will be paid to add millions to the transfer piggy bank. It is commendable that the new boss does not present himself as a soccer expert and promises not to dictate the names of newcomers. But the Chelsea coach needs to use Granovsky’s connections and Cech’s charm this summer. Can stay until the end of the transfer period, but next we need to look for a sports director. Invite the Atletico boss, start a new era in Chelsea history.


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