Wardlow destroyed Scorpio Skye in a Street Fight match

Wardlow destroyed Scorpio Skye in a Street Fight match

Wardlow celebrated his victory with more confetti and pyrotechnics

Backstage, Mox discusses how many people have tried to make a name for themselves at his expense, eager to raise dough by betting against him.And today, those people are licking their lips in anticipation. They are watching John, waiting for his weakness and hoping that one day someone will surprise him and give him an all-out rout after which John can no longer return.They think King is the man today! The haters think Mox is unaware of what a monster Brody is. Hmmm…Maybe they’ve forgotten what a monster they’re dealing with in the face of a champion…Ten days ago, he smashed the face of the man for whom he has the utmost respect, Hiroshi Tanahashi. A few days later, Mox was turning his opponents faces into cutlets in a steel cage! All for the fun of it! Blood and Guts was the “bullion of gold” for him! And a few days later he signed a contract to defend his title against Brody King. Yes, Mox knows enough about who his next opponent is.And if anyone thinks John hasn’t done his “homework” …. He’s seen Brody in Japan, watched his progress in the Honor Ring from the corner of his eye. He knows his friends… And his enemies. The only question left is, how powerful is the heart beat in that monster chest?!We’ll find out soon enough, because it will be a swim with the biggest shark in the game, AEW Champion John Moxley! And if you get in the ring with any of the BCC, each of them will find where your limits end, and drive you to total despair and exhaustion. They’ll find out how badly you want to be “made in the BCC,” and being world champion isn’t for everyone… “However, that’s what I do every day.” Step up, or get stepped on!

After the break, we are shown Mark Sterling and Tony Neese looking to confirm every signature they collect. They meet Keith Lee and ask him to sign a petition to fire Sverv Strickland, for he can’t be trusted because he’s like a snake, treacherously stabbing him in the back–yet Unlimited himself has felt it.He replies that yes, they have trust issues, but they remain a team, and most importantly, they keep winning…unlike Neese. On that note, Lee leaves a confused Tony and Mark.

Meanwhile, Christian Cage and Luchasaurus enter the ring. Christian says that we’re all under the impression of Blood and Guts right now, but he’s the Cage everyone is talking about. Next, people somehow think they deserve to know the reasons why Christian attacked Jungle Boy, or how he went after Perry Jr.’s family, or why Luchasaurus decided to join Cage…Then all of a sudden there’s music, and Matt Hardy comes out. He addresses Cage, saying that he’s unrealistic, that he’s “Michael Jordan” on how to be an asshole. Every time Matt thinks there’s nowhere further down the line for him to go, he does. Hardy admits that Jungle Boy is a friend he’s gotten to know well these past few months. Perry Jr. trusted Cage, respected him, and he ditched him. No one deserves what Cage did to the boy. Christian responds that despite the way Matt pretends that he and Jungle Boy are “best friends,” he doesn’t know Perry Jr. the way Cage or Luchasaurus himself knows him. And the great thing about all this is that Matt pretends like his brother is a teetotaler.Matt struggles to stand up to such a punk, but goes on to say that he knows what Christian is up to – using Luchasaurus to make as much dough as possible. Hardy admits that he is also guilty of this, since he used the Partisans and Butcher and Blade for the same purpose. He hates himself for it, however, and finds it hard to accept. And thanks to a strange twist of fate, his life has been turned upside down-it was messy, and maybe Matt deserved it, maybe karma is getting back at him. However, he’s here to make sure no one else goes down that road.Cage doesn’t stick around, noting that the reason Matt is out in this dialogue is because of his ego. Everyone knows Hardy can’t sleep well when his name doesn’t headline a show for more than two seconds. And he uses his entire environment to do so: his kids, his wife, his father-in-law, and many others. After all, Matt turned a blind eye to his brother’s problems in order to get him on another run together. And now Hardy pretends to be one of the closest to JungleBoy and his family, even though he knows that Cage is now the biggest and most influential superstar in AEW and everyone else is under him. And most frustratingly, Matt makes his brother look like a bigger disappointment to the family than he is himself.Matt can’t take these words, and tries to wave at his opponents, but Luchasaurus destroys him in one fell swoop, finishing Chokeslam through the table.

We are shown a promo video in which the members of Blood and Guts speak about the past match, and perhaps it is worth noting the aim of JAS to take revenge Kingston – this confrontation is far from over.

Tony Chavoni comments backstage that he is not in the best place, between the two giants, Jake Hager and Claudio Costagnoli, but this face-to-face goes under the banner of “no physical contact.” Hager says that at Fobidden Door, 16,000 fans chanted Claudio’s name, making him think he was tough. Not as tough as Hager himself, however. He knows he is not the world champion that Hager is. Jake points out that Claudio has never been a world champion before, either in ROH or WWE, and he will never be a champion in AEW. Hager, on the other hand, is an undefeated professional MMA fighter, and it won’t be long before he gets his respect.Claudio interrupts his opponent, saying that anyone who demands respect for himself usually doesn’t deserve it at all. Claudio defeated Zack Saber Jr. – one of the best technicians in all of wrestling – in his first match, and after that it was his team – the Blacpool Combat Club – that beat Hager’s team – though no, it’s not his team. It’s the team of guys whose backs Jake has to watch. Hager’s arm was rewound, while Claudio’s arm was up, confirming the win, and though Hager is undefeated in MMA, Costagnoli himself is undefeated here in AEW, where rank-and-file decides. And so, next week, Costagnoli’s ranking will be 3-0.