Why is Juve letting their star player go for free? Dibala already has at least three options

It looks like Juventus will be transformed once again. After the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo last summer, Paulo Dibala returned as the star of the attack. But it will not last long.

Why is Juve letting their star player go for free?

Will Dibala leave in the summer?

Judging by the news, yes. The reputable Sky Sport Italia reports that Dibala’s contract extension talks with Juventus have come to nothing. The Argentine’s contract with the club expires in the summer. Apparently, at the end of the season Paulo will leave for free. “It would be a shame for Juve – Transfermarkt estimated the value of the forward at € 40 million, and there is no way to make money on the sale.

Juve offered Dibala a €11 million contract in 2021, but the situation has since changed. At the last meeting with the agent of the player, which lasted two hours, the club bosses have been talking about completely different figures – the amount was called twice less. Further negotiations are not expected.

The fact of difficulties with the contract of Dibala is indirectly confirmed by the recent words of Juve head coach Massimiliano Allegri: “I do not know if Paulo will be a Juventus player next season. It depends on the club and on me together with the board of directors. We also have Cuadrado, De Chillo, Bernardeschi whose contracts expire in June – it’s not just Dibala who is in that position.

Less reputable sources say that Juve have already found a replacement for Dibala. We’re talking about Nicolo Zagnolo from Roma. It sounds logical: the Italian is something similar to Paulo in terms of playing, also left-handed and also creative. We wait for the summer.

Where will Dibala play in the new season?

There are a lot of candidates. Dibala himself has not yet chosen the next team, but that does not prevent us to analyze the main options.

“Barcelona. And you are hardly surprised. After all, the Catalans have been playing without Leo Messi for six months, and Dybala was called his heir several years ago. The Argentine, left-back, likes to shift from the right flank, with a good shot and technique. In addition, a month ago the Spanish media reported that Paulo is interested in a move to Barça.

“Atletico. Less obvious option, but no less real. In Spain they call the Madrid side one of the main contenders for Dibala and claim that the club has already been in touch with the player’s agents. Paulo’s arrival could coincide with the departure of Luis Suárez. Or is it not a coincidence?

“Inter. The second of the main contenders. This option has both pluses and minuses. Pros: Dibala will not have to leave Italy, he will move to a stronger team. Cons: the love of Juve fans will have to forget, because Inter is the enemy for them.

APL. There are several options here and it is not surprising: English clubs can afford Dibala’s salary. In January it was reported that Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham offered the services of the Argentine. There are doubts that this is not the initiative of the clubs, but the agents.

Dibala, meanwhile, is already 28 years old. The next top club (and we do not consider other options) will probably be the last in his career before the sunset. So Paulo will have a lot to think about in the near future.