Wriddhiman Saha is being investigated by the BCCI after receiving threats from a journalist. 

The BCCI will investigate the matter of wicket-keeper batsman Wriddhiman Saha, who alleged in a tweet that a journalist used an aggressive tone after the sportsman rejected to provide an interview.

Despite a century on debut against Hyderabad, he failed to make a mark in the subsequent games, but it was enough to attract the notice of scouts seeking for players for the inaugural Indian Premier League. After being selected into the Kolkata Knight Riders, he dazzled fans with his clean bowling and devastating hitting in the death overs.  

Wriddhiman Saha is being investigated by the BCCI

A lot of things happen as a result of the unwelcome spread of his job life. It will have an impact on his life since he will have to deal with the matter and demonstrate to others that he is correct on his side.However, everything can be sorted out; all he has to do now is clear up all of the misconceptions. 

The caller continues, “You didn’t pick up the phone.” I’m not going to bother you with any more inquiries. Insults do not appeal to me. And I’ll keep it in mind. In his message, the journalist remarked, “This wasn’t something you should have done.” 

On Saturday, Saha tweeted on the difficulties of journalism with a well-known figure in the business, implying that the batsman should not have been so bold as to decline an interview. In a screenshot of WhatsApp exchanges, the journalist, whose identity has not been released, threatened Saha. 

They’ll interview Wriddhiman about his tweet as well as the incident itself. They want to know if he felt endangered, as well as the context and history of his job. The secretary, Jay Shah, will surely speak with Wriddhiman. 

On his playing, he received a lot of negative feedback from the media. Nonetheless, he was able to live due of the backing of certain well-known legends. For his profession, he is always under pressure. He must anticipate a fantastic opportunity.