WWE NXT 2.0 Review

 WWE NXT 2.0 Review

Tony’s Family vs. the Creed Brothers

Kemp says he can’t be with the Brothers during the match, but goes to the ring with them. Tony and Julius start. Tony gives the start to Lorenzo, who is immediately used by the Creeds instead of a sack. Tony takes back the right to fight and then the initiative from Julius by attacking the knee. REPLACEMENT PLATES. On the way out of it, we see a Boston crab from Lorenzo on Julius, but he is replaced by Brutus. Brutus knocks Lorenzo out of the ring, but he attacks Brutus’ arm. Teamwork from the NHT Mafia. Brutus nearly fights back, however the drop toe hold. The attack from the second rope fails, the Creeds change, and Julius goes to break up his opponents. Dropkick from Tony and Julius at the same time, but Lorenzo doesn’t let him change to Brutus. Brutus attacks Lorenzo in the ring in a rage and just beats him in full mount, the referee for some reason doesn’t disqualify Brutus and Elektra hands the crowbar to Tony. Tony picks it up, but can’t pick it up–because he’s being held up by SANTOS EXCOBAR. Santos attacks Tony, after which he gets a slam wheel and a sliding lariat, and while the referee isn’t looking, Legado pulls Lorenzo out of the ring.

What was Damian Camp doing the whole time?)) Okay, just asking. Okay, let’s be glad Santos got Legado back.

Backstage interview from Roxanne. She says she’s been through every possible emotion in the last three weeks. She’s been happy. Since indie, she and Cora have been together, best friends, sisters. She supported Cora when she was the only one who could make it to NHT. Together they were able to take the titles away from the Toxics. She wanted to rob the Toxics of everything and so she used the contract. When she was attacked, she thought it was Mandy. She didn’t want to let herself be stopped. When Cora attacked her-she was shocked. But when she threw their dream, the team title, in the trash – she was furious. Her friend is long gone, dead. You want me out of your life, that’s fine. End it with a match in two weeks, bitch.

Pretty emotional promo that Roxy hardly memorized. Which is for the best.

Cora Jade declares she’s not going to fight Roxy, she’s not a bad person. That bitch isn’t going to make her the bad guy in this story. Mandy Rose arrives, whom Cora meets with the words, “Talk about bitches.” Mandy asks her to take Zoe Stark out. In return, she will give Cora a title match and she won’t have to fight Roxy. Cora promises to think about it.

I understand that you’re trying to give Cora the bad ass image. But first, explain to her that the bat is held at the narrow end, with a special wrap for her hands and an extension to keep the bat from falling out.

I’ll skip the promo in which Carter and Chance celebrate their victory. They’re just sobbing and saying thank you to their fans.

Joe Gacy vs. Brooks Jensen

Brooks starts the match aggressively, but Joe fights back with a DDT. Strike exchange, Joe comes out the winner, uranage, elbow drop. Heresy tried to get Hanley on his side, but Briggs intervened. While the referee was distracted by them, a surprise prittie dudley flew into the ring. Jensen fought back and immediately grabbed a crowning lariat from Gacy. After the match, he declared that at a time in life when all is lost, the only way to get up is with the help of others. Only he can fill the void in his soul. And he knows this one. Cameron walked silently away from the TV when Joe finished speaking.

The match was not dignified. Clown Fiesta. However, we get a sympathetic plot development with Cameron, who Hunter can dig up this way after Vince leaks.

Lorenzo and Tony argue backstage. Lorenzo says that that trash girl Elektra couldn’t be trusted. That’s when Tony gets a call from Santos. Tough night, boss. Tony yells that Santos cost him two titles. Santos replies that they both realize they can’t work for each other or work with each other. So one last match, no one. Tony agrees.

Has Santos really been dug out of the pile of crap he’s been in?

Alba Fire vs. Lash Legend

WHAT A LASH FOR GOD’S SAKE! WHY DIDN’T ALBA JUST KILL HER WITH A BAT? We miss the beginning of the match for the commercials, but I won’t complain this time. Even the whole match. Lash dominates on her return, and unfortunately, unlike Mandy, she won’t look good dominating even the very type of creativity. Alba fights back and climbs the third rope, Lash tries to fight back, superplex fails, swan bomb fails, bat attack from Lash fails, two superkicks from Alba, noshigami, swan bomb.

Nikkita Lyons responds to an interview with Kiana James. She states that she doesn’t need to research Kiana’s past. She’s dealt with these things all her life. If she wants a match, she’ll get one.

Solo Sicoa vs. Von Wagner

The starting advantage is on Solo’s side. I only have one question. A match with holds anywhere. Surely Solo is comfortable barefoot? Wagner, meanwhile, drives Solo into the steps and prepares to kill him with them. Wagner rolls Solo into the ring and gets the chairs and steps in. He treats Solo with a chair, holds a suplex on the chair. Another series of punches with the chair. Wagner sets up the chairs and tosses Solo onto them. Solo rolls out of the ring, gets a lariat behind the ring. Wagner disassembles the commentary table but gets a Samoan dropkick on it. They walk out of the arena where Solo throws Trick into the car, just because. Wagner fights back and throws Solo into the trash. Solo fights back and drives Wagner’s head into the parking lot gate. They head back into the building, demolishing Grimes on the way out. Wagner almost hits Solo with a chair, but gets a release from a fire extinguisher. Wagner breaks Solo’s table.They return to the ring, where Solo attacks Wagner with chairs and stairs. Solo prepares to do a crowning splash, but Stone stops him. The action moves to the back of the ring where Wagner gets two superkicks followed by a slam to the commentary table.

The fact that this was a match aside, it wasn’t bad. Solo was able to get everything he could out of Wagner. The action really felt like a brawl, where Solo and Wagner reminded each other of everything. The right match with the right winner.

Overall, the show came out already much better than last night. JD puts out a candidate for segment of the year for the second night in a row, the booking of matches in the second half of the show is very good, but the first half of the show is just awful.